Disney Gets into the Meditation Business with “Zenimation”

Disney would certainly know what stress is about as of late and to bring about a means of helping others deal with their current stress, Zenimation has been created by taking movie clips from many different sources and focusing on the calming, soothing sounds that are inherent within the scenes without the added audio such as dialogue or music, in order to offer a relaxing and very zen-like experience to those that are needing something natural and soothing in their lives at this time. With the pandemic still in effect and still worrying a great many people this is a wise move on Disney’s part as Tommy Williams of GeekTyrant might agree. There is a quality to the natural world that is capable of calming down a lot of people since the sound of wind and water and the different qualities they take on can reach a great number of people and soothe them in ways that are easily explained by the experts, but are still amazing to watch since with some individuals the change is immediate, while with others the gradual lessening of their stress is like watching an ice cube melt thanks to time lapse photography. A lot of people deal with stress in their own way, but listening to relaxing sounds at times is one of the best remedies as it’s cheap, it’s easy enough to access, and depending on where one lives it might be very simple to experience.

In a way it could be said that Disney is cashing in on yet another idea that is exceedingly simple and is about to be made into something that many will feel that the Mouse House has revolutionized. The reality is that the corporation is in fact trying to do what it can to help in its own way while turning a profit, but are taking what they have and finding another use for it. So really, getting down on the Mouse House for this is possible, but it’s kind of pointless since they’re adding to the number of ways that people can relieve their stress using their own ideas and materials, not taking from anywhere else in order to make another buck. Upon looking back at a lot of the movies that Disney has created over the years, and there are a lot to be certain, taking out the audio and leaving the natural sounds that have been added in to many of them would prove to be kind of soothing in a big way. Rachel Kaser of The Next Web has something else to add to this topic.

Being a coastal individual myself, the wounds of the wind and water are natural balms to the mind when I’m feeling overwhelmed, so this idea sounds rather tempting to experience really as the sound of the ocean, the winds sifting through the trees, and the crash of the surf are all sounds that bring to mind an elegance and power within nature that is tempered by the quiet, still moments that come now and again and are to be enjoyed to their fullest. A lot of people might think of the coast as a calm and soothing place at all times, but even the worst of days can be a balm to those that aren’t enamored of the city and its constant noise. Yet for one reason or another it might pay for Disney to add in the commotion of the city as well, considering that some people actually find the thrum of society and the human presence far more calming than the wide open noises of nature. That sounds odd, but it’s the truth, since many people would confess to be more at ease within a city setting than within the country, and could see themselves enjoying the sights and scents of a city far more than a lonely stretch of coast where they could meditate. It’s a ‘to each their own’ kind of situation when it comes to meditation and to the zen-like feeling that many people desire. There is no one right way to meditate to be sure, but there are plenty of ways that work better for many individuals and are highly preferred. The fantasy of being able to meditate to the sounds of nature is great, but it’s also fleeting since nature changes quite often and what might be soothing in one moment might change quickly and become less comforting and more challenging. Stephanie Vozza of Fast Company has more to offer on this line of thought.

In a controlled practice such as Zenimation however it becomes possible for people to meditate on their own and in their own manner without any interruptions that might occur naturally. In this way a lot of people could possibly benefit from this new addition to Disney’s lineup, especially since all one would need is a quiet room and a bit of time to themselves to enjoy the benefits that this might bring.

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