Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ben is Horrified by Clyde

Days of Our Lives fans know that there was some serious snooping going on in Xander’s office, and that it didn’t go as well as Ciara hoped it would. She’s looking for some answers, and she’s got a lot going on in her mind. She’s got to focus on things that aren’t going to get her in trouble, but are going to give her the answers she is looking for. She’s got so much going on in her life that makes things seem as if they are a little more pronounced than they are, and we just don’t think that she’s given up on Ben as much as she likes to think she’s given up on Ben these days. She might have told Victor she did, but we know that she did not. She’s got more in her life than this, but that’s all there is to it. She’s not getting her best, but she’s making her situation different.

Meanwhile, we do know that there are other things going on in her life, too. For one, she’s looking to see what is going on with Xander so she can help others so that she can figure out what is going on with Ben. He’s dealing with Clyde, who we know is not a good person, and she knows this. It’s all too much for her. On the flip side, Adrienne is dead and no one knows what is going on with that. It’s a horrible situation that didn’t bring much else to the table, Marlena has returned and it’s not good news for Princess Gina, and then there is a lot going on with Kayla and Justin now that we know that they are together, that they are happy, and how it all happened for them. It’s all interesting to us, but we like it like that.

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

Still so many questions.

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

Ben is going to spend a lot more time with Clyde than he really wants to given the current circumstances of his life, but that is just all there is to it. There’s so much going on that people do not seem to realize, and we cannot help but wonder how it will all turn out and what it all means. There’s a lot happening we cannot figure out without wondering nicely if he did something wrong, where it all went wrong, and when we can get some more answers about why his life took this turn and what happened to make his love give up on him despite the fact that he has clearly not given up on her at all. We want answers, and we know that they are coming, but it does not seem like they are coming fast enough for any of us.

Then there is the fact that we will see things unfold for Sarah, when she realizes that her baby is missing. She’s going to realize that the baby is gone, and her first reaction is to tell Xander. Will he help her find the baby, or will he tell her to get lost and do her own thing? He’s not someone who has a great reputation, and we don’t yet know how much he has really changed over the course of the past year. It might not be something he can handle on his own. Will she find her baby, and will this be a turning point for honesty?

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