Days Of Our Lives: if We Were Writers

Days of Our lives fans have so much to say about things as they go down, but there are so many things that we love to see about when we watch a story unfold. For one, there are people who are all over the world shouting out their desire to see this happen or to see that happen or to see this or that not happen, and it makes us wonder what would happen if we could write the show right now. What would we love to see happen? Who would we love to see together or not together or move on or come back or whatever? There are so many story lines coming on as we enter the fall season and the end of the year in 2018, and there are some things we’d love to see happen. Isn’t there a chance we can make it happen by putting it out there in the universe? We’re trying it. Here are some things we want to see.

Hope and Rafe’s Big Wedding

We know, we know. They already did the getting married in secret thing, and we did love that, too. But we want to see them get past all of it and move on with their lives in a way that’s both productive and happy. We love to see them together. We love to see them happy. We love to see them together in every aspect of their lives when they are happy and they are good to go. And we also love to see them married — and we want to see her in the big white dress and all that goes along with it. It’s all we want; and we do not think it’s too much to ask to make this happen — and we are asking for it right now.

Claire and Ciara to Get Along

They are a niece and her aunt. We recognize they are basically the same age and they were kind of raised at the same time and all that, but they need to get over this problem they have with one another. It’s not cute. It’s not good. It’s not anything they need to deal with right now. They need to get this situation under control and focus on the good in their lives. They are family, and they need to stop making their family miserable with their behavior and get it together. That’s all we are asking for, and we don’t think it’s too much to ask for. They have to get this situation under control.

Abigail and Chad to Find Happiness

These two have been through so much more than they can handle in any way, shape or form. They have been through everything that a person should never have to deal with, and it’s something they cannot handle as a couple. They’re in the middle of the worst time of their lives, and that’s big considering how many worst times they’ve already been through in their lives. They’ve been through so much, and it’s not amazing. We want to see them happy, healthy, and in a good place with one another.

We want to see them have this baby and make a small family of their own. We want to see Gabi move on from their lives and get together with anyone else so that they can move on and not deal with this. We want to see them happy. Together. With one another. And want to see them with one another and no one else.

Steve To Show Up

He’s gone. It’s awful, and we want him back. We want to see him come back and be with Kayla, and we want to see if they can have the kind of future happiness they deserve to have with one another. We want to see it all happen and go down, and we want to see it happen now. This is all kinds of ridiculous, and we just want to see it stop. We want them together. We don’t want them in this horrible situation, and that’s not too much to ask if you ask us. And you did ask us. Kind of. We volunteered it, but still feels like we were asked.

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