Days of Our Lives: Burning Questions Asked

Days of Our Lives: Burning Questions Asked

Days of Our Lives: Burning Questions Asked

Days of Our Lives fans have officially watched the show run right into the new year, and we have so many thoughts and questions about hopes and dreams for the future of the people in Salem. We are hopeful that some things will unfold in the near future, mostly some of the answers to the questions we’ve been asking since the entire show decided to go into a full year ahead a month or so ago. We are taking this time on the first weekend of the new year to bring forth our thoughts and our hopes for 2020, and to see if maybe we get a few things we want out of this. Mostly, though, we just have some questions.

Who is Steve?

We want to think it is him back in town, but the things that are going down around him make it seem as if that is not true. He’s in prison for espionage, and that means he cannot possibly get out, right? So there is some speculation around town that he is really another man and that things are about to get really interesting, but are they? Is he really Stefano in disguise? Surgery, perhaps? Did this really make any sense? And what will happen with Justin? There is not a chance in the world that Kayla will stay with him if she thinks that Steve is home and ready to be with her again, but that’s all there is to it. We know that, and we know that it’s a real thing. For now, though, this is all that there is to it. We don’t know if he is Steve or Stefano or someone else entirely, but this is a thing that will play a large role in the way things unfold in the near future.

Will Lani and Eli End Up Back Together?

We think they will, because they were clearly meant to be together. But, not without a massive fight for Gabi. She’s just not meant to be with such a nice guy. She’s meant to be with someone who is as dark and crazy and willing to do terrible and horrible things as she is, and that’s all there is to it. She might have been nicer a long time ago, but her dark side always finds a way to come back with more than she thought she needed from it, and it’s been a real thing in her life. She will not find things working out for her with Eli, but she will fight to the death for it. Unless, of course, Stefan is actually still alive in some way that we did not see coming. You see, there are some rumors about this, too, and we have to address those and make them work for us, too. Will they, though, or will they turn into something more amazing than we thought they would? We hope he is, because they were so good together, but the chances are just so slim since we cannot figure out how he’s alive after donating his actual heart to someone.

What Will Happen with Kristin and Brady?

There are so many rumors right now about them and their lives, and we don’t even know where to start and how to focus on anything right now. We know, for example, that she is back and she wants to be with him. She’s tried hard since she left and went into the convent to try and be a better person. She’s not exactly known for her big deal ways of making something worse than it needed to be and how it really was. She’s made miserable mistakes in her life, but she seemed to really want to make changes at the thought of becoming a mother and being with Brady. But her baby died. Or so she was told. And that changed the game for her so much. Now there is a rumor that it wasn’t her baby who died but that it was Sarah’s, but the babies were switched, and things were changed around. We don’t know, but we suspect that it might be truer than we think. Will this work out for them? We don’t know.

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