Days of Our Lives: Will Doesn’t Remember

Days of Our Lives fans are about to find out that Will is alive and well, but he might not know who anyone is. It’s going to devastating for the people who love him the most, but it’s going to be the reality for so many. Sonny will be especially horrified that Will doesn’t seem to remember anyone given the fact that they were married when he was killed. It doesn’t seem to matter to Sonny that they were estranged and no longer interested in being married to one another. All that mattered to Sonny at this point was that they are finding him alive and that he remembers.

But he doesn’t. And that makes this entire situation worse for Sonny and for Paul. Paul is going to hope that they can work on things, but they won’t be able to do it. Sonny can’t get over the fact that Will is still alive and that there is a chance that things might work out for them. They are going to see things change a lot, and the fact that he can’t even remember him is just too much for Sonny to bear.

And the loser in all this is going to be Paul. He won’t be able to stop any of what is going on, and this means they have to figure out a way to make things work when it’s clear to all of us that it won’t. Paul has a long road ahead of him, and it hurts us to see this happen.

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