Days of Our Lives Spoilers: We Know JJ’s Victim

Days of Our Lives fans aren’t surprised to know that JJ did not mean to shoot Theo, but it happened. It’s been a rough year for him as things haven’t been exactly what they seem in the midst of his young life. He has a situation to deal with that is far worse than anything else he dealt with this year. His girlfriend released a sex tape, his father went to jail for a horrible crime someone else set him up for, his girlfriend is now spending more time with another man than with him, and things are just falling apart for this young man.

And now things are even worse as he is the man who is shot by JJ. It was an accident, and JJ Is horrified that this happened. Theo’s life is far from good at the moment as his health is hanging in the balance, and that’s all that he needs right now. JJ Is horrified, Theo might not live, and Abe is going to do whatever he can to ensure that JJ pays for this crime in a major way. It’s a horrible situation.

We’ve been telling you for a while now that things were not going to go well for JJ as he engaged in a situation what would forever change his life. We had no idea his victim would end up being JJ. Things aren’t good right now, and there seems to be no way to change this situation at this time.

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