Days of Our Lives Spoilers: JJ Begs Lani to Keep the Baby

Days of Our Lives fans are going to be very upset to see that tomorrow brings with it a day of sadness for JJ. He’s been through so much, and now he has to face the fact that his girlfriend wants to abort the baby she’s carrying. She’s telling him it’s just not the right time, she’s not ready, she can’t do this, and all that good stuff. And really she’s trying to get rid of her pregnancy because she knows it will break JJ into pieces and cause him to fall apart if she has to tell him the baby she’s carrying is not his. She knows he is fragile and he is weak, and she is not sure he can handle such a heartbreaking blow once again after everything he’s been through.

Just a few weeks ago he was ready to end his own life because of his actions. She never intended for him to even find out she was pregnant. The plan was for her to handle the problem and move on from it so she could get her life back together and never let him know she cheated in a moment of weakness.

But now it’s too late and he’s going to find out. She can’t keep this baby and raise it with him thinking it’s his. There is no way she can pass the baby’s off as his considering the difference in ethnicity between JJ and Eli, even if she can use her own coloring to explain the baby. It’s not going to work.

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