Days of Our Lives: Abby Suspects Dario is Lying to Her

Days of Our Lives fans know things can change at the drop of a hat, which is precisely why this show works so well. A week ago Abby wanted nothing to do with her marriage to Chad, and now she wants him back more than anything. A week ago Chad’s life was all kinds of crazy without either of the women he loves being interested in him, and now he’s getting romantic with Gabi on an island after a plane crash and his wife is at home wanting him to come back and be with her. Things change fast. Abigail is doing something she thinks is very nice for Dario, but she suspects it’s not all honest.

Will she catch on to what he is doing? We know he can easily maintain citizenship without getting married, and Abby seems to feel there might be more to his story the more time she spends with him. She’s going to ask a friend — the commissioner — to check his story for her and see if things are on the up and up. She’s going to find out they’re not, but will it be too late? Can she handle what might happen next?

And will the crew on the island be rescued? We hear they will, and we hear that Chad won’t like what’s going on with Abby when he gets home. Will he take it upon himself to check into Dario’s story, too? And what happens if he finds out Dario is lying to his wife?

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