David Harbour as Lobo? Hmm

David Harbour as Lobo? Hmm
David Harbour as Lobo? Hmm

credit: Stranger Things

David Harbour as Lobo sounds like an idea that’s meant to confound and negate the idea of giving the role to Jason Momoa. That’s one initial reaction, at least. But after thinking about it, well, one can still feel valid in the opinion that Momoa is better. 

However, the thought that the DCU might want to keep Momoa on as Aquaman could make the argument for Harbour. He has starred in a couple of comic book movies, after all. As Hellboy, he wasn’t a commercial success. But it does stand to reason that he still did a decent job. 

If the 2019 version of Hellboy suffered from anything, it feels more like poor development. Bringing David Harbour in as Lobo is not the worst idea ever. There is, however, the need to weigh the options. James Gunn and Peter Safran have made it clear that things are going to change in the DCU. But it doesn’t sound as though Momoa is moving for certain. 

Granted, it does make sense to keep Momoa in the role of Lobo since he looks and sounds like a good fit. If the DCU keeps Momoa as Aquaman though, Harbour’s name should rest at the top of the list. 

David Harbour as Lobo? Hmm

credit: Hellboy

His role as Hellboy wasn’t that bad

Many have stated that Harbour did fine in this role. He treated the character in a way that made him a moody teen, which isn’t too far off the mark. Many fans enjoyed Ron Perlman in the role far more, but there are reasons for this. 

His role as the big red demon was far lighter than Perlman’s. In fact, this felt like it was Hellboy 1.0, considering that it feels as though it was Hellboy’s earlier days. Obviously, it was a straight reboot, but Perlman’s character felt way more experienced. 

For a character like Lobo, it does feel as though this type of acting would not go over as well. David is a good actor, but there is a time and place for every type of acting, and the Hellboy reboot came off as lighthearted in a few ways. Compared to the character from the graphic novels, this didn’t feel quite as accurate as fans wanted. 

Harbour would need to go much darker for Lobo

David has starred in dark movies during his career. He can become a scary individual when he needs to be. But it also feels that he might need to reach a new depth for Lobo. This character is the type that takes great joy in hurting others, and even Hellboy hasn’t shown that side of Harbour. 

This is why Momoa sounds like a better option. He’s portrayed characters that have a darkness to them that is easy to see. But he’s also portrayed characters that have a quirky side to them as well. Khal Drogo is a great example of a dark, aggressive character. Keegan from Bullet to the Head is another great example.

The point is that between the two, Momoa is the type that can portray a character that makes wisecracks while torturing someone. Harbour is a good actor, but that feels like a stretch for him.

David Harbour as Lobo? Hmm

credit: Black Widow

The good thing is that Harbour is adaptable

As mentioned above, Harbour can adapt, which is a valued quality in an actor. But if he could possibly adapt to Lobo, it would impress a lot of people. He tends to come off as the type of character that is easier to talk to. Momoa comes off as the guy who can growl and make villains wet themselves. 

The thing about Lobo is that he is a character that can threaten the likes of Superman and is intimidating as hell. Despite this, he’s still the type of character that will find humor in any situation. If there were a way to cross Momoa and Harbour for a brief period, it would work perfectly. But to be fair, this part should still go to Momoa first. 

Harbour is the next pick in line. There’s no doubt of that. Both men could make this work, but Momoa has the look and can just look dangerous. 

Whatever happens, there’s nothing negative to say about either actor in regard to this role

The upside of this discussion is that both men are skilled enough to take on this role. One of the biggest differences is that Harbour tends to portray characters that are rough, but still have a heart of gold. Momoa has portrayed characters that are fully ready to rip the tongue out of someone’s neck if the need is there. What’s truly funny is that the DCU could easily pick someone else and make this debate irrelevant. But in all honesty, these two are bound to remain the prime candidates to bring Lobo into the DCU. 

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