It Sounds Like The Goonies House is On the Market

It Sounds Like The Goonies House is On the Market
Goonies' House Closed to Public Due to Messy Tourists – The Hollywood  Reporter

credit: The Goonies

It sounds as though the fan that managed to put up a whopping $1.7 million for the famed Goonies house in Astoria,  Oregon, is expected to close in mid-January, which is saddening in some regard since a lot of fans would love a crack at this iconic place that is a part of many childhood memories. Still, it’s remarkable considering that someone who loved the movie is taking on the responsibility of keeping it up. Whether the fan will allow people to visit the home as the previous owner did is unknown at this time. Still, one thought that is easy to get behind is that if fans are willing to be respectful and not mob the place, then it’s easy to think that any owner would welcome the publicity their home attracts. Otherwise, the issues that have been seen in the past with this would be easy to vilify since it doesn’t matter if one lives on the site where a mass murderer was known to reside or if they live in a home that’s been revered in cinema, no one has the right to show up unannounced and use their status as a fan to make a person feel uncomfortable. Sure, the house is a part of cinematic history, but it’s also someone’s home, which needs to be respected. 

Goonies' House Shut Down By Angry Owner

credit: The Goonies

The home was being visited by upward of 1,500 people a day

Imagine that many people are coming to your doorstep, or at least to your driveway, and snapping pictures, no matter if they have your approval. The truth is that if a person is taking pictures while standing on public property, there’s not much that can be done, but it does have to be stated that people have little to no respect for the fact that people are living in homes such as this since they want a piece of movie history. The issue comes when too many people think that since they’re fans, they can get away with demanding more and more of the homeowner, who might not have known the home’s history before moving in. That’s a stretch, but not everyone is willing to entertain fans daily, which is part of why the previous owner closed the house to fans for a while. It pays to show respect if you want to visit a site from one of your favorite movies. 

The look of the home is quite different now

Things have been updated and redone since the 80s, especially considering that the house looked a bit rundown back in the day; as the paint was faded, and the fence was leaning. The Walsh home looked as though it needed a few touches here and there to reach its former glory. The house has stood where it is for well over 100 years now as it’s dated back to 1896, which makes it a historical landmark as well as an iconic movie house, so it’s easy to think that the inside and the outside have been redone a time or two to keep things up to code and make it more attractive. It might need a few years to be a landmark, but it’s a safe bet that many people wouldn’t think twice about labeling it as such. 

Goonies' house for sale for $1.65M in Oregon along Pacific coastline

credit: The Goonies

It’s great to visit an iconic location from a movie, but too many people take things way too far

Anytime there’s something meant to be enjoyed and possibly even shared with others, it’s fair to say that there are people who will take it too far and demand everything instead of being satisfied with what they’re given. In this case, the Goonies house is a landmark that has been standing for much longer than those who loved the movie, and therefore it’s been inhabited by a lot of people who would never know what it would come to mean to others. The fact that this house is still standing after all this time is impressive since those who have ever resided in the Pacific Northwest know how taxing the climate can sometimes be. The fact that the house has stood up to the weather is impressive, but it’s even more impressive that the owners have kept the rabid fans at bay. 

The Goonies are bound to remain a childhood favorite of many people

Many people are too young to remember when this movie came out, and many of those who were old enough to watch it when the movie first arrived keep it at the back of their memories more often than not. But when the movie is mentioned, the idea is that people generally get a good feeling from this memory since the settings and the story are iconic and still stand out as one of the best parts of childhood. 

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