Why a Solo Khal Drogo Movie Would Work

Why a Solo Khal Drogo Movie Would Work

Khal Drogo

Admit it, you’re tempted to say “it’s Jason Momoa, of course it would work”. But then you’d be discounting the few movies he’s been in that really haven’t gotten all that much attention throughout the years, plus a couple of appearances that weren’t all that great to begin with. Let’s not get it twisted at the moment though, Momoa has been firing on all cylinders lately since it was seen in Justice League and the standalone Aquaman movie that he’s something great, and before that, Khal Drogo was one of the best parts of Game of Thrones to ever come along. Of course the kill-happy author George R.R. Martin got rid of him in the first book and we saw him only once in a dream sequence after, but up until his demise, Drogo was simply THE MAN. Plus, we read and heard plenty about his exploits, but we didn’t get to see much, did we? Ending off a Khal Drogo movie as he rides on to meet Dany for the first time would be nothing less than perfect, and might even inspire other standalone GoT movies that might be just as good.

Now let’s be honest, it might not make it to the big screen, but an HBO original movie would be just fine since going by what was done with GoT it would still be something worth watching since quite honestly Momoa barely had to say anything to get the attention of the viewer as he paraded around with a bare upper body and a permanent scowl on his face. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the kind of look that can intimidate all on its own, as only a few great actors have been able to fully convey the idea that the person across the way from them might be in trouble with just a look. Khal Drogo had a reputation for being the toughest person in his entire troupe, as the Dothraki horde follows the strongest and the most capable, and wouldn’t have looked twice at Drogo otherwise had he not been able to prove himself. The manner in which he went out was something less than adequate for such a powerful warrior, but it almost feels as though it was a giant thumbing of the nose by Martin, who made it clear rather quickly that no one was safe and that anyone could die in his story. For the fans this made it hard to invest in anyone since the moment they started liking that character they might be gone. If they hadn’t read the book it came as a serious shock to the system since some characters seemed as though they’d be around for a good deal longer, like Ned Stark. In fact there were rumors that Ned Stark was still alive throughout the show, but thankfully those were never proven.

Khal Drogo however needed a much grander death, or perhaps a more impressive showing of life throughout the show. He was impressive without a doubt, and he looked as though he could take on just about anyone and win. Tearing a tongue out of man’s throat after cutting it with his own blade is savage in just about anyone’s book, but being the kind of ruler that the Khal was reported to be in the books is something well beyond, and easily deserving of a movie of his own. Think about it this way, Khal Drogo amassed an army that shook the ground when it moved, that was composed of other armies that had banded together with him, and that rode at his command without question most times, at least until Dany came around. This is a ruler that was not unlike the greatest military minds that have been seen in human history, and someone that does indeed deserve a proper sendoff that doesn’t end in a botched ritual that leaves him like a vegetable for his wife to finally put down out of mercy. Honestly a movie wouldn’t change how his life ended, but it would definitely serve to remind people of how great the character was and how much he’d done before the story ever started.

Momoa has been on a hot streak for a little while now but after Aquaman it almost seems as though it might have calmed down. His stint as Conan the Barbarian, his time on movies such as Braven and Bullet to the Head with Sylvester Stallone, and a few other appearances have been decent, but Khal Drogo is still one of his best performances, EVER. That alone is a good enough reason to at least consider making a movie out of this character, and possibly giving more thought to why those in Westeros don’t seem to like them so much, or fear them. Seriously, this needs to happen.Conan the Barbarian

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