10 Things You Didn’t Know about Darrell Taylor

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Darrell Taylor

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Darrell Taylor

He’s a football star who wowed his fans when he played in the SEC at Tennessee, and now he’s an NFL player signed to the Seattle Seahawks. Darrell Taylor has a lot of talent to share with his fellow football players and their fans, but he’s also had some tough times. Everyone knows that professional athletes put their bodies through so much trauma on a regular basis, and his body is well aware of that. He’s suffered some injuries that have caused him to spend more time on the injured list than on the field, and it’s time fans got to know him better.

1. He’s Young

He’s so young to have so many injuries, but such is the life of an athlete. He was born on March 24, 1997. We don’t know much about his childhood or how he grew up, but we know that he is still quite young and has a long future ahead of him.

2. He’s From Virginia

He was born and raised in Virginia. He’s from a town called Hopewell, and he spent his entire childhood living there. He graduated from Hopewell High School, and it was only then that he left Virginia and his hometown, and that was simply to go to college to play football as part of the best conference in the nation.

3. He’s Multi-Talented

Growing up in Virginia, Darrell Taylor was not only a football player. He also played basketball when he was in high school. Since he chose to go on to play college and pro football, we can assume he just wasn’t NBA material or he simply chose not to focus as much of his attention on basketball.

4. He Had Many Offers

As a Florida Gator, it’s hard to believe he made the decision to become a Vol over a Gator, but we never judge anyone for their personal choices. He had options when he graduated high school as a four-star recruit. He was asked by the University of Florida, Virginia Tech, and the University of Tennessee to play football, and he ultimately chose to play as a Vol.

5. He Played His Senior Year with A Stress Fracture

He had a good year playing, but he was injured during this time. He suffered a stress fracture that left him in less than optimal health. Once his season was over, he did have surgery to correct his injury, but it left him sidelined for some time while he recovered. His surgeons placed a titanium rod in his leg to correct the issue.

6. He’s Sat Out His Entire First NFL Season

Pete Carroll and the Seahawks drafted him in the second round after trading up to get him, and they knew he was injured when they did it. They knew he was injured, and they chose him regardless. There was hope that he’d be able to play in the season, but he was unable to play after 16 weeks of the season. He’s exhausted his physical therapy options, and it’s unknown what the team will decide to do in the next season.

7. He Didn’t Practice Until 2021

It was huge news when in the first week of the year he was able to get on the practice field with the team he plays for. Now his team and his coaches can see what they are working with as he comes off the injured list and into the offseason. Can they work with him? Should they keep him? His future is certainly up in the air at this point.

8. He’s a Big Guy

Remember when we mentioned that he played basketball, too? Well, he’s 6’4, so it makes sense to us that he would. He’s a big guy, but he’s not just tall. He’s around 260 pounds, so he’s really a big guy. He’s perfect for the football field.

9. He’s Powerful and Fast

Something fans and sports analysts really noticed about him while he was in college is his speed. Typically, you don’t find a man that size as fast as he is, but he’s quick. And he’s powerful. And he’s graceful on the field. While most men might not wat to be considered graceful, we absolutely do not think it’s a bad thing when it comes to playing sports.

10. He’s Very Private

If there is one thing that Darrell Taylor is very good at doing, it’s keeping his private life to himself. He’s not sharing anything he doesn’t want to share. He’s not going there. He likes his life to remain private, and that’s where he’s keeping it.

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