CSI: Cyber Season 2 Episode 14: Desperate times call for desperate measures

Desperate time call for desperate measures in this week’s enthralling episode of CSI: Cyber as a desperate husband, Keith Walker and his father-in-law, Dr. Richard Magolin, who happens to be a retired surgeon, targets people in top physical condition in Charleston, South Carolina by hacking into their fitness bands and Bluetooth enabled running shoes to harvest their kidneys in order to save his wife from dying of polycystic kidney disease.

The first unfortunate victim in this cold-blooded kidney shopping spree is a woman named Alison Resnick, who got hit by a car and later kidnapped after being injected with propofol. Alison was later found in South Marsh, South Carolina, her body cold and lifeless. Raven’s first thought was that Alison’s husband Dylan is the one that killed Alison given that his phone was off for three hours during the time of Alison’s abduction and murder. On top of that, Dylan had an argument with his wife before she left on her late night run to clear her head. Prime suspect number one? Definitely. Wife murderer? I don’t think so.

I enjoyed the side bets that D.B and Deputy Director Ryan, Agent Krumitz and Nelson were making. The former is for a sports game (which turned out to be a ping-pong match. I had thought it was football at first) that will be viewed later on in the episode and the latter was whether or not a fellow employee at Cyber will quit after not being able to retrieve data from a dead phone despite being at it for days on end. The look on Nelson’s face after seeing Barry, the employee that he and Agent Krumitz are betting on, finally got the data from the dead phone, was truly priceless. That’s what you get for betting against the Almighty Krummy and for not believing in the underdog, Brody Nelson!

At least, Agent Krumitz was nice enough to help Nelson out with the mountains of paperwork towards the end of the episode after his moment of gloating and bragging rights. The scene where Agent Krumitz made Nelson read the “I’m wrong and Krumitz is the greatest” card while the former records it on his phone made me grin from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat.

Coming back to the case, while still investigating Alison’s murder, a second victim was abducted, a man named Ron Bechtel. The team was able to get to Ron in time before his kidney was harvested in a section of what looked like an abandoned hospital operating room. That was a close one. The same can’t be said of the third victim, Karen Carter, who lost her kidney to Sara Walker just moments after Team Cyber arrived to arrest Keith and Richard. I have to give Karen credit, however, because even though she lost her kidney, she still asked if Sara was going to make it.

I agreed with D.B, sometimes humanity can surprise you in ways that you can’t imagine, both good and bad. Take what Keith and Richard had done, for instance. They could’ve gone through the proper channels to get Sara her kidney but since the proper way doesn’t work, they decided to go with the improper way so that Sara can live another day. Yes, they kidnapped and drugged innocent people to get what they want, but what would you have done to save the people that you care deeply for?

I liked this episode. It makes one think twice before investing in smart fitness technology even if it’s to better our health and that you learn terminology that makes you think. The term for this week is NFC, or Near Field Communication, in which two devices, where one is a smartphone, establish communication with each other when they’re brought together within two inches of each other. Much like how we can sync up our phones with our laptops through Bluetooth.

CSI: Cyber will return March 2nd with new episodes on CBS.

Photo via CBS

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