The Inspiration Behind This Criminal Minds Episode Makes It That Much Scarier

The Inspiration Behind This Criminal Minds Episode Makes It That Much Scarier
The Inspiration Behind This Criminal Minds Episode Makes It That Much Scarier

Criminal Minds is a revered crime procedural series that tells the story of an FBI Unit that solves cases based on behavioural analysis of criminals. This approach meant that a lot of the episodes on the show featured serial killers. One of its more memorable serial killers was in the “Remembrance of Things Past” episode which aired during the show’s sixth season. This episode explores the harrowing investigation into a dangerous serial killer known as “The Butcher”.

The BAU team is called to investigate the return of an old serial killer, The Butcher, who had been inactive for over twenty years. Throughout the episode, viewers are led through a psychological playground of disturbing evidence and a heart-wrenching storyline that comes with an unexpected twist. “Remembrance of Things Past” showcases Criminal Mind‘s ability to tell a deeply personal story in a criminal context that captivates viewers and doesn’t let them go until the very end.

The Real-World Inspiration Behind the Killer’s Characterization in “Remembrance of Things Past”

Criminal Minds Season 6

In television shows, especially long-running shows, it is not uncommon for writers to base certain guest characters on real-life people. For Criminal Minds a show that ran for 16 seasons, basing some of the show’s criminals on real-life people only added to the authenticity of the show to a certain degree. For the third episode of Season 6 of Criminal Minds, Lee Mullens, whose mind the BAU was trying to decipher, is believed to be based on a few serial killers. 

Daniel Camargo, Ray Norris and Dean Corll are three real serial killers that Mullens share some similarities with in modus operandi, psychological disabilities, and health issues. Mullens was an old man who resumed his old habits after taking a 25-year break from killing. Mullens worked a blue-collar job and had an accomplice, just like Camarago. His connection to Norris is in how he targeted women in their 20s, tortured them and electrocuted them. By the time the team starts to re-investigate him, he had Alzheimer’s just like Corll who suffered from Rheumatic fever. The BAU speculated that he was re-committing the crimes because he had forgotten that he had done them in the past. 

Season 6’s Dark and Intense Tone Invites Viewers into the Minds of Criminals

The Inspiration Behind This Criminal Minds Episode Makes It That Much Scarier

Criminal Minds is a TV show that has gained a loyal following due to its unique and intense storytelling. The show’s dark and eerie tone sets it apart from other crime dramas as it delves deep into the minds of the criminals themselves. Throughout each episode, viewers are invited into the twisted and often terrifying world of these criminals, attempting to understand their motivations and the reasoning behind their heinous crimes. The show’s use of flashing screen images coupled with a tense score only adds to its ability to get under the viewer’s skin and keep them on the edge of their seat. Fans of the show appreciate the creators’ ability to create this tense atmosphere.

Season 6 of Criminal Minds features a diverse cast of characters with individual strengths, backgrounds, and personal struggles. This allows the show to explore different psychological profiles and motives for the crimes committed. Criminal Minds makes a point to present explanations and insights into the minds of its criminals without glorifying their actions, showcasing a deep respect for the real-life victims of such crimes, which a lot of shows in the same genre struggle to do. 

The Impact of Criminal Minds on True Crime Fans and Pop Culture

The Inspiration Behind This Criminal Minds Episode Makes It That Much Scarier

Criminal Minds has had a significant impact on true crime fans and pop culture alike. For example, the character Spencer Reid played by Matthew Gray Gubler is an object of affection on Tiktok. The show’s unique approach to storytelling, viewership numbers, and longevity has cemented its place in pop culture. Criminal Minds has not only made a significant impact on the true crime genre but has also served as inspiration for other series that focus on the psychological and emotional aspects of criminal behaviour. Furthermore, its portrayal of criminal profiling and behavioural analysis has put a spotlight on these disciplines and sparked an interest in these areas among its fans. 

Criminal Minds has successfully managed to keep viewers engaged with its dark and intense tone, diverse cast, and unique approach to storytelling. The show’s emphasis on criminal psychology and profiling has also put a spotlight on these disciplines and opened the door to more interest and research in this field. Its impact on true crime fans and pop culture is evident by its continued success, its influence on other series, and the loyal following it has amassed over the years. While Criminal Minds has come to an end, its impact will undoubtedly continue for years to come.

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