Yukon Men: Courtney and Pat Get An Unwelcome Surprise in the Season 5 Premiere

Yukon Men

Yukon Men returns for a fifth season on Discovery tonight at 8pm.   And right off the get go we learn that Courtney and Pat get an unwelcome surprise.  This just after Courtney agreed to take on more of the workload in the family.   As Courtney explains in the preview video below it’s been a really tough year with her mother’s situation and her father has had to take the brunt of the work with the dogs.   But Pat is obviously very happy and proud of his daughter for stepping up and willing to do more.

As an aside, for whatever reason someone decided a bunch of weeds would look good so Pat and his daughter have to dig them out.   And not only that, Courtney ends up taking on responsibility for the family’s entire dog kennel.   Courtney is in fact honored to be doing the job as she feels as though her father is passing the torch to her.

Later, on their drive to the lake (which is a critical training place for the dogs and vital to their survival because if they don’t win races, they don’t make money) Courtney and her father are driving up a very dusty road, everything seems dry, and they spot something that makes them pull over. Over 100 acres of wilderness is in flames causing a mountain of smoke to look like a giant Atom bomb.   The fires around Canada were charging fast and in their direction.   What are they going to do?  Check out the preview below:

Don’t forget, Courtney and Sam and doing a live Q&A at 6pm EST pm Discovery.  The show starts at 8pm and is followed by Gold Rush.   We hope that Courtney thrives in her new job.  Let’s hope those dogs run fast!

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