A Completely Over the Top King of the Hill Remix Video

As if King of the Hill couldn’t go over the top on it’s own this remix video shows that it can always get worse. The show itself was a lot of fun to watch but there were moments when Hank Hill was a little less than a supportive parent. He was after all kind of old school and considered anything that wasn’t manly not fit for his son, so when he sees Bobby painting clouds on his bedroom wall he goes a little nuts. If it wasn’t what he approved and appreciated then it meant that the boy just wasn’t right. Of course if you really look at Bobby and some of the things he did throughout the show you have to admit that in some cases Hank was right on the button with his assessment.

In many ways the whole cast had something wrong with them at some point or another. Peggy thought she was perfect in just about everything, Luann was just, well, Luann. Lucky was kind of a mooch and wasn’t worth a whole lot, Boomhauer was a ladies man and even his best friends didn’t know everything about him. Bill was overweight, out of shape, and so easy to manipulate that he was left alone a lot of times simply because no one wanted to be responsible for him. And then there’s Dale. Huh boy, Dale was a wreck from day one. He smokes too much, has no idea that his wife is cheating on him, and honestly thinks Joseph is his son because he’s got a bit of Native American blood in his lineage.

Bobby is perhaps one of the least worrisome characters on the show, and at the very least he seems to get on a good track every now and again until his father or his mother decide to butt in and direct him back to what they feel is the right course. Hank’s tried to make him a man’s man more than once and failed utterly a few times, but at the very least it’s helped them to bond a bit. Slowly but surely Hank and Bobby managed to get along throughout the series even with Hank’s obsession to keep Bobby from becoming a momma’s boy.

To be honest I’m kind of glad I never had a dad like Hank. He might mean well and have the best intentions but his beliefs are so deeply-rooted that he wasn’t ever allowed to think past the end of his own values and even try to understand just how other people lived or why. If it wasn’t something to do with Texas, propane, or his family, not precisely in that order, then it fell outside his purview and didn’t matter as much. On the other hand Bobby was a lot more open to many things thanks to his youth and more forgiving nature and was able to embrace more than just his masculine side on many occasions. Fluffy clouds aren’t really feminine or masculine, they’re something that both sides can appreciate and embrace.

Of course, don’t try to tell Hank that.

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