Common Ground: Lucifer, The Mentalist and Castle

Lately, I’ve been watching a show called Lucifer, where the Devil decides to leave Hell behind to take a vacation and own a nightclub in Los Angeles, and it intrigues me as it reminds me of some similarities between this show and others like The MentalistCastle and maybe a little bit of Sleepy Hollow given that they all have strong female characters who has to reign in the more eccentric and debonair male characters. That is, bailing them out of trouble when said male characters get themselves into sticky situations.

I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Detective Chole Decker (Lauren German) as he somewhat helps her solve her cases. His way of getting people to tell him their deepest darkest desires reminds me of how Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) uses his mentalist skills to get guilty people to confess to their crimes. I also noticed that Lucifer is very intrigued by Detective Decker since she is apparently immune to his, no pun intended, devilish charms. This is similar to how Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) is not affected by Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion)’s charming ways when Castle first premiered on ABC. After watching the first two episodes of the series, I too, am intrigued by the good Detective as she deals with Lucifer while taking care of her daughter and working with her ex-husband. Wonder what other secrets Detective Decker is keeping? Will Lucifer ever be able to find out about them?

A notable difference between these shows is that Lucifer does not like children whereas Patrick and Castle both have children (well except for Patrick given that his first child was killed in cold blood by Red John but is given another chance when Lisbon announced her pregnancy after their wedding in the final episode of The Mentalist). I have a feeling that the Lord of Hell will warm up to the idea of children as the series progresses. Just don’t throw their toys to the other side of a room and then tell them to go fetch it. Children are not pets, Lucifer Morningstar!

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