Chuck 4.13 “Chuck vs. the Push Mix” recap

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“Chuck vs. The Push Mix” opens in Casey’s hospital room with Casey still in bad shape and mostly unresponsive. Ellie says he’ll regain consciousness in a couple days. Alex shouldn’t worry — Casey is family, and Bartowskis take care of their family. (Nice use of the slow Chuck theme music in this scene.) A low sound is heard. Morgan knows that sound anywhere: it was a Casey grunt! What is he saying, they wonder. “Pants…” Why did Casey say “pants?” Morgan thinks it’s because he’ll never walk again and won’t need pants, but Alex offers that maybe there is something in them. Morgan searches Casey’s pockets and retrieves the piece of the Hydra eyeball. He hands it to Chuck who flashes information on Hydra and its designer, Ronnie Eimacher. Chuck wonders where Casey got the eyeball. Another whisper emits from Casey the answer to Chuck’s question, “Sarah.”

Cut to Sarah who emerges from an elevator and slides a device into the hallway. The device opens up into a robotic spider (big budget for what would hav ebeen the season finale, huh?). The spider climbs the wall and scans an optical lock to give Sarah and Mary entry into Volkoff’s office. They need to figure out to where Volkoff downloaded Hydra. Mary’s phone rings. It’s Volkoff on FaceTime. She makes small talk with Volkoff to give Sarah time to find Hydra’s location. when Sarah secures the information, Mary hangs up with Volkoff. Sarah tells her that Hydra is with Contessa.

General Beckman tells Chuck and Morgan about Contessa. Chuck pleads with the General that the whole situation is getting too dangerous; it’s time for Sarah to come home. Beckman informs Chuck that he will have to wait — there is nothing he can do. The General tells the guys that Ronnie Eimacher created the Hydra, but that is all the additional information they have. When Beckamn signs off, Morgan wants to distract Chuck, so he asks if his bud wants to play a little bocce? Chuck declines. “I can’t do it anymore,” Chuck tells Morgan. One man took everything from Chuck, and like Ellie said, the Bartowskis take care of their family. “We need to finish my dad’s mission,” Chuck says to Morgan. “We?” Morgan asks incredulously. Morgan continues, asking if he gets a gun, too, because usually he’s not allowed to handle firearms. No, there won’t be any guns. As he opens up a closet, Chuck says they need something else. “We need…office supplies?” Morgan wonders. No, they need a plan. Chuck and Morgan pull out a number of file cards, photos, and strings to create a map of all of the connection surrounding Volkoff and Hydra on a bulletin board (of course, this made me think of the damn Mosaic board from FlashForward). With their work done, Morgan wonders if they are going on a suicide mission? Chuck assures Morgan that they are not. The first thing they need to do is find Ronnie Eimacher.

Moscow. Volkoff enters his office and senses a problem. He picks up his phone, but it doesn’t work. A large viewing monitor crackles to life, and displays a message, “Hello Volkoff.” As Volkoff contemplates this, the messages changes to read, “I want my wife back.” Volkoff demands to know who is sending the messages. The screen jumps to life again, filling itself with repeated copies of one word: Orion!! Volkoff calls Armond and tells him that they have a problem with Orion. He is demanding something very dear to Volkoff, and must be caught. Armond is ordered to figure out where Orion has been hiding; Volkoff is off to see Contessa.

In Burbank, Devon enters the Buy More and finds Chuck behind the Nerd Herd desk. Chuck finishes up a CD of music for Ellie’s labor because Ellie hates Devon’s music. Devon, seeming a bit nervous, thanks Chuck and goes to leave, saying he needs to make arrangements for someone to turn Ellie’s placenta into vitamin pills. With that wonderful bit of knowledge lodged in is brain, Chuck stops Devon to tell him that he, Chuck, will be going away for a bit. Chuck gives Devon a phone number to be used for CIA protection if he ever needs anything. The conversation about music had piqued the interest of Jeff and Lester. The guys approach Devon, and delay him long enough to pickpocket the “Push Mix” CD. Lester complains that it is probably filled with “indie crap,” because Chuck wants everyone to know he’s cool. This baby can’t be greeted into the world with such garbage! The music should be raw, unfiltered, live. The baby needs Jeffster!

Morgan determines that Eimacher is a professor at UC Irvine. Chuck says this will be an easy snatch & grab; he’s done it a number of times. Morgan warns Chuck that they can’t bring Eimacher to Castle as General Beckman asked them to drop their pursuit of Volkoff. Cut to the guys, clad in black and wearing sunglasses, pulling a hood off of a nerdy looking prisoner. The captive looks around and asks where he is. Is he in a bathroom?!? Morgan insists that this is Hell (but really, it’s their apartment bathroom decked out in black garbage bags). When they interrogate the guy and call him Ronnie Eimacher, the captive informs them that his name is Barry Greenfield. Chuck pulls Morgan outside says that Morgan promised this was Eimacher. Morgan apologizes, saying the two men look alike. Do they have to kill him now that he’s seen half of their faces? “No!” Chuck admonishes Morgan, “Just bring a picture next time.” The guys grab the right Eimacher on the second try. The professor explains that Volkoff kidnapped him and forced him to create Hydra. When asked if he ever met Contessa, he replies in the negative. It’s impossible to meet Contessa, because Contessa is a place. It’s where he took him to design Hydra. It’s a…ship! Volkoff, Mary and Sarah arrive at the massive liner. Volkoff explains that the ship is equipped with sonar-based stealth capabilities, anti-aircraft missiles, and an ice cream parlor! When Volkoff leaves the women alone, Mary tells Sarah that they need to go for Hydra tonight and let nothing get in their way. Cue Chuck and Morgan in wet suits climbing the side of the boat and landing on the deck.

Chuck takes off his wetsuit and explains that they need to get to the lower deck to reach the server storing Hydra. He notices that Morgan hasn’t taken off his wetsuit. Evidently, the bearded one is only wearing underwear beneath his wetsuit. He didn’t know any better, and how would he fit clothes in there anyway? It’s fine, he’s like a ninja, or a seal. He’s a ninja seal! Chuck just pleads that he doesn’t squeak. Night falls. Before they make their move on the server, Mary tells Sarah that with or without Hydra, Sarah is going home. Mary sacrificed too much for her mission, and she doesn’t want Sarah to become her, or Chuck to be a spy. The women move toward the lower deck and run into Chuck and Morgan. Chuck is excited to see his love. He and Sarah share a kiss. What are the two guys doing there, Mary wonders. Morgan informs her that Chuck has a plan. The four continue toward the lower deck when they come upon some guards. Mary draws her gun to shoot them, but Chuck shoot them with tranquilizer darts instead. “We need to have a serious talk about the benefit of tranquilizer guns,” Chuck tells his mother.

The group arrives at the door to the server room. Morgan slides an ID card taken off of one of the guards and opens door. He walks through the door, but it quickly closes behind him, separating him from Chuck, Sarah and Mary. Security lasers engage and slice off the end of Morgan’s tranq gun. Chuck tries to help his friend, and is able to open the interior door at the end of the hall. Unfortunately, Chuck can’t shut off the lasers; Morgan needs to get to the server room at the end of the hall to disengage the lasers. “I can do this. I’m a yogi. I’m peaking mentally and physically!” Morgan psychs himself up. Going through some yoga poses, Morgan maneuvers his way through the lasers, but get stuck on a screw. As Morgan mutters to himself, “your strength is in your core,” Chuck accidentally starts the lasers moving. They hear Morgan’s yells, and finally manage to get the door open. They enter and see only shreds of Morgan’s wetsuit on floor. The lasers disappear, and Morgan, clad only in his underwear, reveals himself to be safe. Chuck rushes up and hugs his friend, realizing moments later that Morgan is mostly naked. They awkwardly back away. Mary accesses the Hydra server while Sarah gives Morgan her jacket. Morgan protests that it likely won’t fit over his broad shoulders, but of course, it fits like a glove. Mary begins transferring Hydra to an offshore CIA server.

Back in Burbank, Devon is working out (shirtless, naturally) when Ellie comes down the stairs. She matter-of-factly announces that her water has broken. Devon immediately begins to freak out. “What’s Baby Clara thinking?” he worries, as the baby isn’t due for a couple weeks more. Ellie has had a power bar and a shower so she’s ready to go. “Let’s have a baby!” she encourages Devon, but he’s starting to lose it. He had a plan, a perfect plan that’s not perfect right now. He reviews the different routes to the hospital he has charted for different traffic patterns, and searches his bag. Where’s the Push Mix, he wonders. Having completely lost it now, Devon dials the number Chuck gave him. Almost immediately, there is a knock on the door. Ellie opens the door, revealing a couple suited federal agents. Did someone order a transport service?

The spies run into a problem with the Hydra download: only Volkoff’s voice can activate a full transfer. An alarm sounds, and as the group tries to leave, Volkoff and his armed men appear in the doorway. Volkoff says he is very disappointed in Frost for betraying him. He approaches the computer and says, “Death is solution to all problems.” This is a quote from one of his favorite poets, Joseph Stalin. He supposes it is a good thing he didn’t tell Mary all of his secrets. Mary deftly grabs Volkoff’s gun and points it at his head, taking him hostage. She tells him to let Chuck, Sarah and Morgan out. Volkoff says Mary has to stay if they leave. She knows, and shoots server the server to emphasize that point when Chuck protests leaving without her. As the escaping trip make their way back down the hall, the lasers begin redeploying. The door to the server room closes on Mary and Volkoff, as Chuck, Sarah and Morgan escape. Volkoff wonders that Mary has no perfect excuses. When she gives a smart answer, one of Volkoff’s goons his her in the face. Volkoff asks for the goon’s gun, and then shoots him. “No one touches my Frost,” he coolly states. Armond activates the Hydra computer, so Volkoff can show Mary Orion’s message to bring her to his cabin. Volkoff rages that she has been talking to Orion for years. “You knew he was alive!” Mary denies the charge but spits that no matter if her husband is alive, he will always be ten times the man Volkoff is. Every time she was with Volkoff, Mary was thinking of her husband. Volkoff grabs Mary by the face and tells her that he is going to visit her husband, “and when I come back, I am going to bring you his body.” With that, he kisses her, and leaves.

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