10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chelsea Lazkani

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chelsea Lazkani

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chelsea Lazkani

When Netflix announced in March of 2022 that a new season of the hit show Selling Sunset would drop only a month later, fans went wild. The show is a major success, and we were all a little excited to learn that the show will feature a fresh new face. Chelsea Lazkani is the new agent on the block, and we can be certain she brings some major drama to the table – but we don’t know if her drama is the good kind or the bad kind. Either way, fans want to know more about the new beauty on the show. Will she get along with the ladies? Will she be good at her job? Who is she? What’s she like? Well, we can say with certainty that she is the kind of woman who is going to make you want to watch even more than you already want to watch, and it’s a big deal.

1. She is British

She is not American, and that is the coolest thing about her and this show. All the other women on the show are all from the same general American background, and she’s going to introduce her gorgeous British accent to the world – we cannot wait.

2. She Met Her Husband in 2015

She came to LA back in 2015 to visit. She’s referenced the fact that the visit was only a short one, and she fully intended to go home. However, she didn’t. She met a man by the name of Jeff, and she fell instantly in love. She made her move a more permanent one.

3. She Married Her Husband in 2017

They did meet in 2015, but they did not marry until 2017 when they’d been together for more than two years. They seem exceptionally happy together, often using their social media pages to share their time together, their family, and their happiness. They are darling.

4. She is a Mom

Since marrying her husband, they’ve been busy. Together, they have two kids. Their kids are currently 2 and three, and their names are Melia Man who is 2, and Maddox Ali who is 3. They are adorable, just like their mom and dad.

5. She is Well-Educated

She might be a real estate agent now, but she studied a few other things in the past. She studied at the University of Birmingham, and she later earned a Master’s Degree from the University of Dundee. We don’t know precisely what she has either degree in, but we do know she was in the corporate industry prior to working as a luxury realtor.

6. She is Christine’s Friend

We all know from the past few seasons of this hit show that Christine seems to come with some drama. The other ladies don’t seem to love her, she does not seem to love them, and she is the one common factor at the center of almost everything dramatic that happens – and she doesn’t seem to mind too much. However, she is a woman who has befriended Chelsea, and they’ve been friends for some time. However, Chelsea seems to be the type who steers clear of her friend’s dramatic endeavors.

7. She Loves the Other Women

She’s already said that her friendships don’t influence her friendships. Despite being close to Christine, she also has a great relationship with both Emma and with Chrishell, the two women who Christine seems to dislike the most and who don’t seem to be her biggest fans, either. We think we might like Chelsea.

8. She’s Excited to Represent

When she was asked about the many things that excite her about this new role, she was quick to say that she’s been given the opportunity to represent an under-represented community of men and women who are minorities on television. She’s excited.

9. She is Inspired

This is not her first instance working in the luxury real estate world. She did work with another company at another time, but she is so inspired by the women around her. She is not doing things without being inspired by those around her. She likes to have like-minded people on her side, doing big things, and teaching her along the way.

10. She Loves Her Family

Her family is so important to her, and she is happy to have their support in this work. She is doing something she loves, chasing her own dreams, and making sure she can handle her life in a way that allows her to focus on both her work and her family – and it’s working out for her.

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