Check Out This Amazing Star Trek and Doctor Who Basement

There are a few scenarios that make the most sense when it comes to the overall construction of this place, which is impressive really but is still enough to raise one’s eyebrows. One is that the guy that did all this lives alone and doesn’t have anyone that’s going to tell him that he’s wasting his time and space when it comes to constructing this insane amount of detail between the Star Trek and Doctor Who features. The second is that the guy has a very understanding partner/spouse/roommate that also enjoys Star Trek and Doctor Who and doesn’t mind giving up all the space needed for these features. Third is that the guy has a home that wasn’t in use that he could do this with. It’s a bit difficult to think about all the money and time that had to go into this project to make it look so great, but thinking that there was space that could be used for it is even harder to believe, but obviously it was possible. Trying to think of the time and effort it took to put all the materials together, to get everything to look just right, and to program the many different devices to operate as they do is mind-boggling, but there’s no doubt that it’s a little more simplistic than it looks probably, since the bigger the effect, the more likely it is that the builder cut a few corners and that there are a few tricks being used to create the effect.

Despite that, it came out looking pretty cool since the hallways, the different rooms, all of it has the look of someone that might have been dreaming of this before they actually had the chance to do it. In fact, it’s safe to say that a lot of fans would love to have this kind of space that they could enjoy and toy around with since the detail that’s gone into every part of the project is good enough to be something that many fans would pay handsomely for in order to have their own homes retrofitted in this manner. Of course, there are impediments to this since living in an apartment or rented space or having a spouse that isn’t a fan or has no intentions of allowing their spouse to create something like this could be huge obstacles. Yes, there are those that have spouses that would fight this tooth and nail since it is a huge effort and a lot of work to put into something that’s not going to be easily taken down as a Halloween decoration would be.

Just imagining where to start is kind of daunting since trying to figure out the schematics for each piece and how big it would need to be isn’t too hard, but trying to figure out the spacing and the structural needs would be kind of hard to fathom at first unless one is so inclined that they wouldn’t have much of an issue. Hey, there are people out there that can put something like this together in their head and then transpose it onto a set of plans without fail, which is impressive all on its own since trying to keep more than one thought and more than a few directions in mind at a time. The cost of this construction couldn’t have been cheap either, since even with cheaper materials there’s enough needed to accomplish this that the cost would be kind of high. Obviously it was worth it though since looking at each part of this compelling space makes it appear that the fan was having a good time in creating everything that finally came together. Some folks might want to know how much wiring went into some of it since the transporter room and the different panels that are featured have to have some sort of power source, but there’s no doubt that there are a few tricks here and there, such as the Alexa that can be heard in the background, that helped to pull this off.

This is the kind of thing that a lot of people envision when they’re kids as they try to figure just how awesome it would be to have a space like this all to themselves or to share with friends. One can easily think that a fan could spend a great deal of time in a place like this and never want to leave, so long as their basic needs were being met. Those that revere Star Trek and Doctor Who would no doubt love to take a look at this and find their way along the corridors and explore the rooms in depth. Some might look for every little detail and mistake that can be seen, but others would likely simply appreciate it for what it is, which is the main point.

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