Check Out The Trailer for Fan-Made Marvel Movie Spider-Man: Lotus

Check Out The Trailer for Fan-Made Marvel Movie Spider-Man: Lotus

Check Out The Trailer for Fan-Made Marvel Movie Spider-Man: Lotus

Some fans don’t like to sit idly by and let their inspiration settle, as is seen in the teaser trailer below. Spider-Man: Lotus is a take on the death of Gwen Stacy using a couple of other stories for inspiration as well, meaning it’s not bound to be quite what movie fans might remember, though it was inspired by Sam Raimi’s story and therefore is a little more melancholy in form. But while fans might be wondering what’s going on, the brief storyline that’s been revealed is that yes, Peter is definitely not right emotionally after the death that he feels he caused, but his road back to who he is includes the wish of a terminally ill child that has requested to meet Spider-Man, a wish he apparently decides to grant. Overall, the trailer looks like something that creates more questions than answers, but it’s a worthwhile idea that has been brought to bear and another bit of proof that fans are taking their interest in the material a lot more serious as the movie looks as though it might have had plenty of backing to become more than another fan film working on a budget that can’t even afford shoestrings.

When thinking about the number of fan films that exist it’s hard to count that high since plenty of people have done their best and continue to do so when it comes to emulating their heroes and telling a story that’s just a little different or that follows the comics and tells stories that the movies either miss or choose to gloss over. There are plenty of things to say about a comic book movie since there are so many stigmas that it’s difficult to think of them all at once. But despite this, people continue to love them no matter the amount of criticism that comes from so many different angles.

We don’t get to see much in this teaser, but it’s just enough to realize that Peter’s head is not in the right place and that it might take some doing to make this happen. This is the type of story we’ve seen played out in a couple of Spider-Man movies in the past, in a way. Raimi’s version actually put Peter and Mary Jane together, while Gwen wasn’t really introduced until the ill-fated third movie when her connection to Eddie Brock was made apparent. Where this fan-made movie is going to go isn’t entirely certain but it does appear that it will be working around the grief that Peter feels while possibly giving him a different perspective that might help him to sort through his own struggle. One thing about Spider-Man, especially when he’s first starting out as a hero, is that being a teenager with superpowers is kind of tough given that the teenager part is hard enough, but having the responsibility to use one’s powers wisely is bound to be the type of pressure that would cause a lot of people to crack. Somehow the character of Spider-Man has been through one emotional rollercoaster after another and has come out on top throughout his long history in the comics and the movies.

What’s really interesting is how few people ever appear to think that this is too much to put on a teenager that’s still figuring out his life, since, between this movie and those starring Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland, the webslinger has been through a rough time before he’s even legally allowed to drink, as he’s had to fight for his life and lose people close to him in such a short time that it’s a wonder that Spider-Man isn’t a nervous wreck half the time. Some might say that he’s stronger than most people in an emotional sense but this is kind of a weak way to mask the fact that while the character has been put through one emotion after another, he somehow comes back stronger each time and doesn’t give any sign that he’s about to crack. The movies have done a far better job of this in the last decade or two when it comes to Peter’s emotional state, but one still has to wonder where Peter’s upper limit is in terms of a breakdown since he’s seen and done things that most teenagers, even in the comics, would only dream of.

There was a time when a lot of people wouldn’t worry over the emotional state of a fictional character since it didn’t have as much bearing on their own lives. But as of now, in this current era, we tend to bring this matter into play quite often for various reasons. Peter Park has, as Spider-Man and himself, gone through a tremendous amount of loss, and yet he remains a hero. That’s actually something worth contemplating since it does run parallel to real life in a lot of ways.Peter and Mary JaneTom Holland

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