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Leave it to the god of mischief to act like breaking reality isn’t that big of a thing, especially when he and likely see ways to make it work to his benefit. Coming this June, Loki gets his own series but he’s not exactly free to do what he wants since the TVA, the Time Variance Authority, who is in charge of keeping the timestream intact, is keeping him under lock and key as much as they can with Mobius, played by Owen Wilson, taking on the trickster god personally. Far from being entirely an office-bound series though it’s obvious that Loki will be traveling from one place to another attempting to fix the broken timelines so that things can go back to the way they were. The only question is whether or not he’s still going to be around when all said and done. It does sound as though he might appear after it’s all over and will reappear after Endgame, which is kind of cheap really since it would mean that his death was essentially useless during Infinity War and that death really doesn’t have any more of a hold on anyone in the MCU than it does in the comics. If that’s the case then people might start asking when Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow will be making their return. And why not Vision while we’re at it? Well, that one might happen in a way given how WandaVision season 1 ended.

As sad as his death was, it might have been better to just leave Loki dead and gone, no matter what the fans wanted, since the guy causes more problems than even he could fix. But obviously there was a plan in place and the bungled attempt to get the Tesseract in Endgame was designed to keep Loki around for a while. It could be to make him pay a penance of sort since he has done plenty wrong in his life, and he’s never really paid for that much of it since he always has a way out and is way too good at acting to be discovered by anyone. He supplanted Odin without anyone being the wiser, so it’s not hard to think that he’s always playing several steps ahead of everyone as much as he possibly can. With Thanos that wasn’t possible honestly since the mad titan is a brilliant tactician and he tends to know how to strike when people are at their most vulnerable and he also knows how to keep them that way.

The Loki series will be kicking off around the time that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ends, keeping the MCU influence going as things continue to build towards something that a lot of people probably can’t see at the moment, but is still being put together. At least that’s the hope since it was likely that people didn’t see Thanos coming during the first three phases, so it could be that the MCU is being cagey about things at this point and won’t reveal that much until it’s time. WandaVision did have a post-credits moment during the finale, so it’s very likely that the post-credits will continue and that we’ll continue to see the buildup to something else that will rock the still growing MCU in a way that will hopefully see many more heroes and villains integrated into the scene in order to create something even more spectacular. What could possibly top Endgame is bound to be a discussion that will come at some point since the most recent MCU movie was something that people couldn’t help but be impressed by, at least until they started noting the errors and other miscues that came and went. But as things continue to improve and more and more actors are brought into the MCU for one part or another, one can only hope that we’ll be seeing something that will be on par with Endgame at the very least.

Already it feels as though Loki and the TVA are going to set into motion something else that will have huge ramifications for the MCU and possibly for the multiverse since the creation of various timelines will no doubt have something to do with it. With Loki being involved in whatever’s coming it’s bound to happen that there will be something that gets mucked up since the god of mischief knows very well how to do several things, but tricking everyone and getting his way are a couple of things that he excels at when he really puts his mind to it. The show is looking even more interesting now that we were given a glimpse of a few of the worlds that Loki will be visiting, but one has to wonder just how it’s all going to turn out.

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