Check Out Alan Tudyk Perform His Many Disney Voices

To me Alan Tudyk will always be the pirate guy from the movie Dodgeball but I know that’s kind of insulting to his career.  Tudyk’s appeared in numerous television shows and movies over his career but what can I say?  I loved him in Dodgeball.   Most people know Tudyk from his days on Firefly but most recently he was in Star Wars: Rogue One as K2-SO.  P.S. I liked him in Arrested Development as Pastor Veal and in Knocked Up as the show executive who says “tighten.”

What people don’t often know about Tudyk is the myriad of voices he does for Disney.  We’re not talking just a few voices.  There are A LOT of voices.  And it just so happens that Tudyk recently made a video for Disney that features him talking about (and doing) his many voices.

So the next time you see all of these movies you can say, “that’s Alan Tudyk!”

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