If Other Celebrities Were to Star in Game of Thrones: A Gallery

The first major hurdle in uncovering season 7 of Game of Thrones was achieved last week with a couple of major teases.  First we got a quick look at their new poster “Fire and Ice.”  Then we were teased by a block of burning ice that had to take what felt like years to melt in order to reveal the show’s premiere date of 2017.   And after that we were treated to a “trailer” which was really more of an audio clip that’s making everyone research “The Great War.”

What we can expect between now and July is more of the same.  Each day I’m sure we’ll get a tiny clue about what we can expect or we’ll get some kind of leak that gives away a major plot point.  But the collective GOT fanbase is at least relieved to know the date their favorite show will come back.

Until that time, let’s have a little fun.  Website World Wide Interweb decided it would be fun to imagine a world where other major celebrities took on some of the roles over on Game of Thrones.  With a little help from Photoshop we’re able to put people like Kanye West out there and guys like Dwayne Johnson sitting on the throne.

Check out the full gallery below:

Matt Damon

Jennifer Lawrence

Justin Bieber

Dwyane Johnson

Taylor Swift

Emma Watson


Jay Z

Danny McBride

Barack Obama

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