Castle 6.09 Review: “Disciple”

Castle 6.09 Review: “Disciple”


Tonight’s Castle gave us 3XK Round Four and was probably my favorite 3XK episode yet. Even though Jerry Tyson does not appear in the episode, you can feel his presence even before Castle theorizes he is the one involved.

The direction and cinematography in this episode was fantastic. I loved the cool tones at the precinct, highlighted with spots of red. In the beginning, the blue and green fogs of the dock, with hints of red in the distance. The precincts blue and gray tones, contrasted with Castle and Beckett’s matching red outfits. Even at Doctor Nieman’s office, there is a neutral white/tan/gray/black tonal quality to her office, but she has red hair. Really great visual choices that helped me connect even more with an already great episode.

I really loved the suspense of this episode. Even though I guessed early on that it was 3XK, I still felt like I could be wrong and it could’ve been someone else. The choices of the security guard (whose monologue in the interrogation room was fantastically creepy) and the Doctor as Tyson’s accomplices was great as both their characters are clearly sociopaths who mesh with Tyson’s M.O.

In the first few of 3XK episodes, he targeted Castle and Ryan hardest (I’m not remembering all the details of those episodes right now, it’s been a while since I’ve seen them–but clearly a rewatch of these three together is in order!) and now Lanie and Esposito. I wonder if next time we’ll get a Kate and/or Gates focus. I actually thought while Kate was in Gates’ office towards the end, that maybe Tyson had one last live doppelgänger. Of course, this is still a possibility for the next episode he is featured in. I thought the episode was really well done, with the end being really creepy and an unsettling end to an unsettling episode. It was a perfect lead in to a future 3XK episode, as it probably was the most unresolved by the end.

I wonder if we’ll get another 3XK episode this season, since they’ve only done one per so far (I sometimes forget that the Ryan-centric “Kick the Ballistics” from season 4 had mentions of Tyson, but no real involvement by him). For an episode this intense and open ended, I would love for this to return this season rather than making us wait. I am hopeful we’ll get another one this season, perhaps around February sweeps when we’d typically have a 2-parter (which was placed in the beginning of the season instead).

I’d been looking forward to the return of 3XK and they certainly did not disappoint. The episode hit with the creepy factor, the twists of the mystery, the suspense of discovering it was him, all the precinct supporting characters got great moments and they even managed to give us a little Castle/Beckett wedding moment. Fantastic job all around.

Until next week! Babies!

Favorite Quotes

“I was thinking something romantic and a little less hobbity.” “Why do people think the two are mutually exclusive?”

“Don’t chase ghosts, Castle. It’s not worth it. Trust me.”

[Photo via Richard Cartwright/ABC]

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