Burn Notice 4.13 “Eyes Open” Review

After being gone for 2 months, Michael and his crew are back. Will his time in the hospital change Michael’s attitude? Will this explosive episode (yes pun is intended) bring the group to a halt, or will Jesse finally exact his revenge towards everyone?

To be honest, I was excited for the return of Burn Notice. Every since the beginning of Novemeber, I had waited patiently for the show to come back from hiatus. However, I have to say I was alittle let down by the episode as a whole. The new episode had so much to live up to after the fall hiatus but fell falt. The story line was something that felt over used in many spy dramas and movies. Chasing down a serial bomber is one of the oldest stories spies at thrust into, and it was even done to some extent for the season three finale “Devil You Know”. I may be jumping the gun on this statement, but I beleive Burn Notice is starting to struggle for stories that will be interesting and fun to watch.

I have to say I was more disappointed by the way Jesse was handled in this episode. As most of us remember, Jesse vowed to kill Michael for burning him. At the end of the first half of this season we all were led to believe that Jesse had accomplished this. However, I found it quite odd that in this new episode, Jesse was some what of a friend to Michael and his group again, even helping them out with this weeks job. I really wish that the writers would have worked in the reason Jesse is helping them out again. And, while that might be a problem with the story, Jesse changes his whole demeanor more by actually killing the man Michael is trying to bring into custody. I have to say I did not appreciate the sudden style change of Jesse and I really hope he goes back to being the old Jesse we all love.

This episode had alot going for it but fell flat in many areas. I hope the writers return to their old styles of writing and bring Michael back to the badass he used to be before his gunshot. I give this episode 3 explosive televisions out of 5 (or a C+ for all those who like that grading scale).

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