Bridgerton Season 2 Episode 2: “Off To The Races” Recap

Bridgerton Season 2 Episode 2: “Off To The Races” Recap

Bridgerton Season 2 Episode 2: “Off To The Races” Recap

In the premiere episode of Bridgerton Season 2, we meet the dashing sisters Edwina and Kate Sharma and their mother, Lady Mary Sharma. They are back in Mayfair to help the beautiful Edwina find a suitable mate. We discover in the first episode that Anthony Bridgeton is finally looking for a wife, but he isn’t exactly looking for love.

The Mystery of Lady Whistledown

Bridgerton Season 2, Episode 2 is appropriately titled “Off To The Races” because the games between the main characters officially began, and only the strong survive. The Queen is desperate to unmask Lady Whistledown, and she uses Edwina as bait by monitoring all of the girls that gravitate toward her. The Queen is suspicious of Eloise, but Eloise is also determined to find out the person’s identity behind the salacious gossip column. This year, Eloise is taking her investigation further by employing her learned forensic techniques. Unfortunately,  the  Lady Whistledown storyline is quickly becoming boring and repetitive.

Does Eloise Finally Have A Love Interest?

Speaking of Eloise, she finally likes a boy. We all know Eloise as a non-traditional and fierce young woman that values her independence and isn’t thirsty to catch the attention of a suitor. We’re starting to wonder if she was immune to attraction, judging by her seeming lack of interest and disdain for the opposite sex at the social functions. The truth is Eloise is dying from boredom due to being trapped in society’s poor social constructs. Theo Sharpe is the lucky man; as a fellow progressive, he has a lot of views and isn’t afraid to challenge Eloise. Theo sparks a fire, and she comes alive during their verbal sparring.

The Perfect Wife

After Queen Charlotte named Edwina the Diamond, there is a long line of interested suitors ready to court her and shower her with gifts. Too bad Anthony already has his sights set on her. If it’s one thing we know about Lord Bridgerton, it is that what he wants, he gets. He is the man in Mayfair. Anthony believes that Edwina may be the perfect wife, at least on paper, since she’s the only one that meets his ridiculously high standards. However, Edwina’s prospects have to go through her older stalwart sister Kate.

Kate is determined to keep Anthony away from Edwina. The misogynistic comments that she heard him make to his friends outside of Lady Danbury’s ball left a bad taste in her mouth. During a heated argument, Kate tells Anthony that his reputation has a libertine precedes him. More importantly, she knew that Anthony was only marrying to fulfill his viscount duties. Edwina deserved to have true love. We know that Kate is one tough cookie but Anthony is just as persistence. Although Anthony doesn’t intend to love Edwina, he does genuinely enjoy her company. They instantly bond over experiencing the loss off a parent at a young age. For this reason, Edwina sees the good in in Anthony and she mistakes his unromantic courtship for growing love.  Edwina believes Anthony’s persistence to court her despite Kate’s efforts to keep him away is a sign of his commitment to her.

Collin Is Back

Collin is back in Mayfair after spending the last few months traveling. Penelope couldn’t be more happier. There is something different about the second eldest Bridgerton. Collin’s seems to have matured and has so much more confidence. He later reveals to Penelope that while abroad he was able to really find himself and her letters was influential in helping him grow as a man. After a failed engagement last season, Collin informs his Penelope that he has sworn off women for the time being, with the exception of her since she’s his friend. Poor Penelope. If only Collin could actually see what he has in front of him.

Words of Wisdom

The thick tension between Anthony and Edwina is unbridled attraction and Lady Danbury peeps it before anyone else. Kate and Anthony make sense. Besides the fact that they both have the “eldest sibling” syndrome they have a lot in common. Lady Danbury calls Kate a spinster because she’s twenty-six years old and not married which isn’t common in their society. She believes that as a young woman, Kate deserves to experience love and to be happy. While it’s noble of Kate to put herself on the backburner to care for her family and to ensure that Edwina has a good future, Lady Danbury helps her to see that she will never truly live a fulfilled life by forgoing on her own happiness.

Although Lady Danbury declares herself happy and single she makes it clear to Kate that she’s earned that right because she has experienced true love and she had been married for years before she lost her husband. Now she has her friends, family and all the wonderful memories she’s made throughout her lifetime to sustain her. Whether it’s with Anthony or another eligible bachelor, hopefully Kates allows herself to have true happiness.

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