The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge or Thorne for Brooke?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans aren’t surprised that Thorne is working hard to ensure that things aren’t going to go well for Ridge. He’s decided that he wants  to take his rightful place in the family, and he’s doing to do this by making sure his big brother is totally miserable as a result. He’s decided he will take over his role as the family favorite, and he will also try to make a move on Brooke. Again, we have to point out that Brooke is very married to Bill even if they aren’t living together at the moment.

She’s also on the borderline cusp of being with Ridge for whatever reason — again. And now she’s going to find that Thorne is a bit interested in getting to know her a bit better. And he’s going to make Ridge very unhappy as he makes his way into the family. He’s going to do whatever he can to focus on making him miserable starting with a decline on his father’s offer to move onto the Forrester compound.

Instead, he’s asking if he can move in with Brooke at her house. This is going to do nothing but infuriate Ridge. It’s going to turn him into an ugly person with ugly things to say and do about his life, and he’s not going to make any friends in the process. Thorne is out to get him, and we do love that he’s not even trying to make it a secret.

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