The Bold and the Beautiful: Quinn Thinks Like Sheila

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate we have a lot on our minds right now. Quinn is not happy about Sheila being in her house and trying to take her husband from her. She’s not going to lose him even though she engaged in an emotional affair with his son and almost lost him. She knows Sheila is crazy, but she’s also a little crazy. We know that she has her own issues, so we can’t wait for her to finally realize she needs not do anything more than just think like Sheila.

Since they are pretty much both the same on their own level of crazy, this should certainly not be too hard. We think that it won’t take her long to get through to herself that this is what is required of her, and now we wait. We know it will be soon, too, and we know that once she puts herself in Sheila’s shoes, she’s going to learn something interesting.

We hear she’s going to learn Sheila’s secret. She came back for something, and she has some reason to continue trying to win back Eric even though their marriage ended so long ago. Does this mean we might find out what she is really and truly up to in the near future? If so, we cannot wait. She’s not someone we like much, so we are going to figure there is a lot more going on —  and we are all rooting for Quinn to figure it out.

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