Bold and the Beautiful Deaths That Still Haunt Us

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are familiar with the sadness of death, and many fans have said goodbye to their favorite characters in a way that makes us all feel heartbroken and sad. We cannot help but feel devastated to see some of our favorite characters die, leave us behind, and not be there for us when we need them the most. Some goodbyes are a bit harder than others given the sad way in which a character leaves the show, but it’s all relative. Some deaths stick with us forever — especially those who come right back.

Ridge’s Death

There as a time when Ridge was not with us. He’s been the kind of man who likes to spend his time shaking things up and making people angry, and we like to see him do just that. He has a good core family value at times, and he’s been able to provide a good bit of interest to the story line when he’s in it. But he’s been killed more than once. But he always comes back. We thought for certain — and we were just devastated — when he was pushed out of a helicopter into the Persian Gulf. He didn’t die, but we — along with Bill — were certain he did.

Then there was that time he disappeared after falling into a furnace. If you’re not going to die in the middle of a furnace filled with heat and fire, when will you die? It was after his return from that ‘death’ we realized that Ridge will simply never die. And that’s that. We’ll mention it was assumed he died when Sheila kidnapped him that one time, but we all know he was not dead. Either way, we always felt sad when he died. But we also knew he’d be back.


We were all crushed that time that Quinn heartlessly shoved him over the edge of a cliff and into the ocean to watch him die. We knew he’d been close to death before, and this was the moment that fans realized he was gone forever. We all felt horrible that he died, but we all saw him come back — dramatically draped in seaweed and other ocean debris — to make sure Quinn didn’t feel too good about herself. She was shocked, fans were overjoyed, and we all get to enjoy him as often as he makes a return to LA these days.


You can’t keep her down. We’ve seen her die on at least three occasions, and we cannot believe she’s still around. She should, we think, steer clear of water. Our hearts hurt when she was attacked by a shark and presumed dead. She’s a bad girl, but she is a favorite character in so many ways. She keeps things very interesting, and that’s what we like about her. But we also like that there is a chance she has been able to come back. She slipped into a bath of water once, and we thought she drowned. We were certain, and we were so upset by it. And then there was that time she herself fell off a cliff and into the ocean. She didn’t die, though.

In short, we’ve learned a few things from the people who die around here. They don’t die, really. They don’t go missing — for the most part — for long, either. They come back and they bring their anger and their animosity with them. But, then again, if you’re pushed off a cliff and presumed dead, you might also think that you have a chance to come back and be upset.

The second thing we’ve learned here is that death from falling off a cliff and into the ocean doesn’t seem like the best way to get rid of someone. In fact, it seems like the worst way to get rid of someone. There is a chance that some people might be able to get their lives in order this way, but no one really does die when they hit the water at that rate of speed — but only on this show. We’d like to think they might find a new way to get rid of people, but they don’t. It’s all relative.

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