The Bold and the Beautiful: Why is Brooke Rushing Hope’s Wedding?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are not sure why Brooke is so convinced that her daughter and Liam should get married right this absolute second. She is convinced that they need to get their lives in order right now, and she is going to convince them that they need to get married as quickly as possible. She’s the only person in the entire city who believes this is a good idea, too. It’s anything but. Let’s take a look at the many reasons we are not sure this is even a remotely good idea — at all. Ever.

First, Steffy slept with Bill because she was depressed. Her husband, Liam, was having an emotional affair with Sally Spectra to the point that they shared several kisses. He was basically falling in love with her and ready to take it to the next level and cheat on his wife officially, and then he was thought to be dead because he was in a building that blew up. In the course of their sheer devastation, Steffy and Bill sought one another out in devastation. She lost her husband she’d been fighting so hard for and he killed his son in a building explosion by accident.

And then it turns out Liam was not dead. Then she got pregnant, he wasn’t sure if it was his or his father’s after he found out what happened, and he decided he didn’t know what to do. She’s been working hard to get him back. Then they decided to work on things.

Then Hope decided she wanted him back and told him how she felt. Then his father all but told him that he needs to leave Steffy or he will go to jail for shooting him — even though it was not him. And now all of this is a mess. Basically, Brooke is setting her own daughter up for heartache because we all know that Liam has no idea on the face of the earth what he wants. He is having a baby with his wife, though, so that is a problem Brooke has been ignoring.

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