Young and the Restless Spoilers: Billy Gets An Intervention

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Billy Gets An Intervention

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Billy Gets An Intervention

Young and the Restless fans are not surprised that this new week will bring much of the same drama it brought before. We know that last week was quite interesting, and we want to share a bit of it really quickly before it all goes south. It was rather exciting to see that Abby’s new boyfriend’s sister embraced her so much. She was welcomed by Lola with open arms, and that was certainly not something that we all saw coming. We also saw that Lola made an impression on Kyle, too, and that does not make Summer happy. Summer, on the other hand, actually sat down and spoke with her mother, who she told she had to deal with because she felt she needed to hurt her to make up for past hurts she herself felt she suffered from. It was not something we thought was nice, but perhaps it shows they are working on things as they come?

And then there is the Billy. He is making a mess of his own life, and he knows it. At this point, however, we feel he is feeling powerless to stop it and all that it means for him. We are not sure he feels that he can handle what is happening to him at this point, and we are not sure that there is a lot he can do to make sure this all works for him. He’s going to lose everything, and he definitely does have Kyle and Ashley working very hard against him to make sure that happens for real. He’s not sure what will take him down first, but we have a feeling it’s going to be this horrible new addiction of his. He’s got to try and get some help for his issues this week, but we are not sure he can do it.

What’s Happening on the Young and the Restless

Well, that was a nice feeling, but it’s Monday again. We are making the decision to feel just as good about Monday as we do Fridays, though. So we here we are feeling good about that, feeling good about everything else, and feeling good that we are making such lovely decisions in our lives. That’s how we roll, and that’s how we feel good about ourselves. Let’s do this.

What’s Next on the Young and the Restless

There’s going to be an intervention today, and it’s one they desperately need. There’s a lot happening in Billy’s life, and his family wants to save him. He’s an Abbott above anything else, and that is one family who will do anything and everything in their power to make sure things go their way. Forcing him into an intervention is one of those things, and they will not stop until they get to the point they can control this situation. They have to get this all figured out, and they have to get this situation under control. We do not know how or where or when or why they want to do this the way they are doing it, but it’s going to cause more problems than this family can handle at this point.
Furthermore, we are going to see something we never thought possible. We are going to see a moment when Victor and Jack bond. They have a lot that they might share now that there is a chance they might become brothers, but there is nothing we thought we’d never see more than we never thought we’d see this. The two of them bonding and spending quality time with one another is not a situation we thought we’d ever see — and we are really nothing short of completely shocked about all of it at this point. There’s little we don’t find ourselves questioning in the grand scheme of their lives, and this is certainly one of those things.

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