The Best Use For Bran Stark’s Magic Powers (Comic)

The Best Use For Bran Stark’s Magic Powers (Comic)

The Best Use For Bran Stark’s Magic Powers (Comic)

Brandon Stark is a highly influential character of Game of Thrones, but it wasn’t always this way. At one point he was just an ordinary little boy that liked to climb towers and inadvertently spy on brothers and sisters doing stuff we care not to mention on this website. Well, to be honest that wasn’t his intent, but it did happen. And what did Jamie do in return? He threw Bran off of the tower.

Yes, Bran probably would have told on them and yes, Jamie and Cersei would have probably been punished in a very decisive way, but of course then we wouldn’t have had one of the more interesting story arcs throughout the last several seasons, would we? George R.R. Martin either doesn’t like his characters that much or he loves to play it up as much as possible so as to keep people reading. After all, being thrown off of a tower can’t be the only thing that happens to Bran, right?

Nope, not by a long shot.

So yes, Brandon can no longer walk, but he can do something so much better. He can warg, which is the ability to vacate his body and control the mind of another so as to control their actions and even see through their eyes. The Three-Eyed Raven didn’t exactly give him this power, as many of the Starks can do it if they try, but it did help to enhance Bran’s use of the power, and as such he is now able to exist in multiple forms and still function while in their bodies.

Unfortunately the Night King knows exactly when he’s being watched and can either expel or harm Bran when he is in his warg state. The Night King understands that Bran knows he’s coming, but obviously doesn’t care. With so many people believing that the army of the dead is unreal the Night King knows that he and his army can roll over Westeros without a care in the world.

But back to the warg ability. Bran has shown that he can inhabit animals and humans, as he did with poor Hodor, so why wouldn’t it be feasible, at least in a cartoon, to do the same with the author, George R.R. Martin? Seriously, the guy’s had all this time to write the next book of the Fire and Ice series and yet he’s been taking his sweet time doing it. I can still recall finishing Dances with Dragons and waiting for the next book to come out the year after. Well that was certainly time wasted. At least the show didn’t stop just because the books did.

That’d be great if someone could possibly warg in Martin’s thoughts and remind him that his watch isn’t over, that the story needs to be concluded, that his FANS are WAITING on him. It’s bad enough he has such an easy time killing of favorite characters, but losing his dedication to the story, or so it seems, is a little less forgivable.

You tell him Bran. Your watch hasn’t ended yet old man. Finish the story!

Here’s an incredible comic by Dorkly that you’ve gotta read.

The Best Use For Bran Stark’s Magic Powers (Comic)


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