The Five Best Grace Kelly Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Grace Kelly Movies of Her Career

It’s hard to think that at one point and time there wasn’t a lot of respect for acting since to some people it was just a little bit above being a street performer that would live on pennies and eke out an existence debasing and shaming themselves for the amusement of others. Grace Kelly’s parents weren’t too fond of the idea that she decided to become an actress, but it’s a big hope that they eventually saw the light when she became a huge rising star and dominated the big screen much to the delight of her fans. As actresses go she was one of the most classic names in the business that’s ever been, and a lot of women have even gone so far as to model themselves after her throughout the years since she had a great deal of class and charisma that was impossible to miss. The likes of Grace Kelly have been said to come around every once in a long while, but honestly it seems as though her like might have decided to skip several generations since we have yet to really see someone like her yet.

Her are her five best movies.

5. Mogambo

There’s something very alluring to some people about a movie that has the elements needed for a tryst but stops it cold since one character happens to think that things shouldn’t be allowed to go any further than they already have. Linda is without a doubt smitten by Marswell since, let’s face it, a lot of women happen to like men that are adventurous and confident in their way, but he’s decent enough to know that her husband happens to love her quite a bit. The way this develops however is kind of kooky since he makes her so insanely jealous that she ends up shooting him in the arm, and the woman he really wants to be with takes the blame for it by stating that he kept talking about Linda and made her jealous instead. Oy vey.

4. To Catch a Thief

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian makes it known that this is in fact one of Alfred Hitchcock’s more upbeat and kind of fun movies since it’s not so inherently depressing or twisted and involves a much more playful plot than other movies he’s done. Robie is after the thief that has been giving his legacy a bad name and causing law enforcement to look at him and his associates once again. This causes Robie to come out of retirement and seek out the thief that’s giving him a bad name by besmirching his legacy in a brazen fashion. When he finally finds out who it is however it’s easy enough to be surprised by it turns out that it’s just as easy to be amused at the end when he and Frances finally get together.

3. High Noon

Eric D. Snider of Mental Floss has a few interesting facts that he’s compile about this movie and they’re worth a look. But from the standpoint of the audience there are times when a man has to stand up for himself and what he believes, and Kane is just that kind of man. It’s kind of disconcerting that the townsfolk either can’t or won’t help him since he’s the one that’s been keeping law and order in the town, but it’s also very telling that people don’t generally do much that’s considered dangerous unless they have no other choice. At the very least Kane’s wife Amy comes back to help her husband when he’s in need, and that’s all a person really needs it would seem.

2. The Country Girl

There’s something about a woman that will stick around and put up with a man that is down on his luck and is so insecure that he can’t be bothered to be anything even close to strong. But all in all this movie is kind of impressive since it shows some women aren’t beaten or cowed as much as some might think since a lot of women are simply strong enough to weather the garbage that too many men have tried to unload on them over the years. A lot of men would love to say that women don’t know what they go through, but with movies like this it’s easy to see that we men don’t always understand what women go through and are willing to endure.

1. Rear Window

Sometimes it’s not just paranoia, but spying on a neighbor from just across the way doesn’t seem like the best of ideas in any situation. This time however Jeffries does manage to see what in his mind could only be something dire enough to involve the police. Of course involving those that care about him seems a little extraneous, but then again they did go along with it willingly enough. It was one of those movies in which the lesson seems to be don’t snoop unless you’re good and sure something wrong is going down.

Honestly it seems like we have a while to wait for someone like Grace Kelly to come around again.

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