Avengers: Endgame Trailer Recreated With Spongebob Clips is Pure Awesome

Avengers: Endgame Trailer Recreated With Spongebob Clips is Pure Awesome

Does anyone else feel impending doom when it comes down to Spongebob saving the world? At the very least it’s a fun way to spend a couple of minutes since right now we’re not getting anything else out of anyone when it comes to Avengers: Endgame, so a little levity is definitely appreciated. Surprisingly it’s kind of a heartfelt moment when a few of the characters turn to ash and it might even trigger the faint PTSD that some fans are still experiencing after watching Infinity War since a few of those deaths were kind of hard to take. It wasn’t even the kind of death in battle that a person could be proud of, they were simply erased from the world in a sudden and very final manner that couldn’t be stopped once Thanos finally got what he desired.

To be honest though there doesn’t seem to be as much buzz leading into Endgame as there was to Infinity War and it’s kind of telling by the way people are letting the secrets and rumors simply slide off their shoulders as opposed to how the rumor mills were churning when the last movie was about to come out. If you can recall Infinity War had old school and current fans talking about the Infinity Gauntlet series as well as the newer comics that had shown Thanos and his designs to wipe out half of the known universe. Being an old school fan it was exciting to think that anything from the Infinity Gauntlet would have made it into the movie, but seeing as how there was such a division in the Marvel Universe thanks to the character rights being owned by different companies, it wasn’t bound to be the same as it was in the comics. For one, the Infinity Gauntlet series was far more expansive in its use of characters, as it included the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and many, many more heroes that were utilized in the attempt to take out Thanos. Plus, other characters such as Galactus, the Stranger, Infinity, and many others were brought to bear against him.

Infinity War was epic without a doubt, but had it been able to use any more characters it wouldn’t have been able to fit on the screen in the amount of time it had. As awesome as it would have been to see Wolverine punch his claws deep into Thanos’ chest or the Silver Surfer take on the mad titan it still would have been a huge distraction from the overall movie, and it wouldn’t have been possible anyway due to someone else owning the rights to the characters. One takeaway from the movie however is that the Hulk wasn’t quite as badly beaten in the original comics, but he was manhandled in the movie. Thanos is downright tough without the gauntlet and he’s a trained fighter, he trained Gamorra after all, but the level of power he’s been given is something next level in the movie. The fact that Iron Man took him on and deflected a direct blast from the Power Stone was impressive, especially since in Infinity Gauntlet Tony wasn’t much of a factor in the main battle and wound being beheaded by one of Thanos’ subordinates. In fact, the only one that kind of stayed true to form was Thor, who in the original series was the one that nearly undid Thanos before anyone else and was about to lay the smack down on the mad titan before Thanos touched him and turned the thunder god to glass.

Continuity issues are a big problem when it comes to transitioning comic books to the big screen, especially since some of the characters on screen have either been lessened in power or have been souped up to impossible levels that their comic book versions never possessed. Thanos has always been tough, but in Infinity War he proved to be nothing less than a gauntlet-wielding battering ram that could take massive amounts of punishment and barely blink. It took everything that Iron Man had to even scratch him and make him bleed. But for all that Thor is the one person that stood a chance of ending him for good, and if not for emotion getting in the way he would have been able to still Thanos and save the galaxy from being cut in half.

So yeah, the pain and withdrawals from Infinity War are still lingering, and this could be why someone decided it was time to show a little bit of levity and depict Spongebob and his pals in place of the Avengers for this parody of the Endgame trailer. Because if what we’ve been told so far is correct, not everyone is coming back, and if they do it won’t be for the long term.

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