Are We Ever Going to See “The Conjuring 3?”

Are We Ever Going to See “The Conjuring 3?”

Are We Ever Going to See “The Conjuring 3?”

The exploits of Ed and Lorraine Warren are not done yet it would seem since there is an idea for The Conjuring 3 that is currently being looked at. Unfortunately it seems that things aren’t quite certain as to when the film will be coming out or when it will even begin production. So far the Conjuring universe has been one that fans have flocked to since horror is one of the more preferred genres when it comes to film lately and the Conjuring films have managed to fill a particular need that people have to be terrified. In fact The Nun, which is a part of the Conjuring universe, will be coming out in September and will stand on its own two legs so to speak since it, like Annabelle, is in reality it’s own story but still connected to the main movie thanks to The Conjuring 2.

It sounds like we’ll be able to see a Conjuring 3, it’s just a case of when, not if.

The core movies need to able to stand on their own and give rise to the spin-off films.

As of right now nothing is being rushed since those involved want the story to stay as strong as it’s been since the first film. There’s been too much effort and determination put into each movie to simply rush a third into the theaters for people’s enjoyment. The planning and careful research and development of the story needs to take precedence over whether it will be ready to go in a year or so. There is rumor of another movie in the Conjuring universe coming in 2019 but it’s not for certain what it will be about, as it could feature the Crooked Man or be the Conjuring 3 as people seem to want. If things could be completed in that amount of time it would be impressive but it sounds more as though they’re going to take it slow and easy to make sure all of their bases are covered and the movie they put out is the absolute best they can give.

The script is still in the process of being worked out.

It seems to take a long time for a script to be ironed out thanks to the many different hands it has to go through and the many different voices that have to offer up their opinions and then the many different edits that have to be made along the way. While the Conjuring movies have followed Ed and Lorraine Warren’s lives throughout a few of their ventures into the occult there have been some obvious differences that have been made in each film to make it more appealing for the audience. This is seen with the possessed doll, Annabelle, since in real life the doll was nowhere near as horrifying and in fact was an old Raggedy-Anne doll that was kept under lock and key. The differences in the telling when it comes to the movie version are done to beef up the special effects and get a good rise out of the audience. Some of the true events of their story would no doubt still be quite scary, but they wouldn’t have the shock factor for audiences that is desired by filmmakers. Because of this the events of each story will be either largely exaggerated or quite different altogether. While the accounts did happen to Ed and Lorraine the difference between real life and the movies are the jump scares that are made especially for the audience.

The Conjuring films could keep going for a while.

There are at least 6 notable cases that the Warrens managed to be a part of that could be made into movies, and one of them, the Amityville House, is one that people still obsess over even after several unsuccessful attempts to bring it back into the horror fold. The cases that managed to bring the Warrens into the spotlight have been immortalized in their own way but by bringing them to light in film the research on such legends and stories has grown exponentially as more and more people want to know what really happened. This could easily spawn the idea for more movies as time goes on since people will always want to be scared and will want to know the truth behind the horror and how things really went down.

It’s always going to be fun for people to scare themselves by going to the latest horror movie in anticipation of trying to find something that will make them jump out of their seat. The Conjuring is one of the many movies that has managed to do this consistently even if it’s had to stretch the truth a bit and even change things around in order to make it happen. As long as people want to be scared The Conjuring will be an accepted idea in the theaters.

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