Appreciating the Voice Acting Work of Orion Acaba

A lot of people do still flock to D&D, but some still regard it a being for nerds and geeks. Thankfully Orion Acaba isn’t that way as he was one of those that participated regularly in a show called Critical Role was a web-based series that allowed people to watch as a group of adventurers voiced their characters as they played a thrilling game of Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, some folks would no doubt scoff and wonder just what the big deal is, but if you’ve ever played then you’ll know just how addictive it can be and how much fun it could really get as soon as you really step into your character. Even a couple of drinks can help to loosen you up, but it’s never a good idea to get sloshed and falling down drunk when you play, as many people that do play the game want it to move smoothly and without any loud and obnoxious interruptions. Orion is one of those that voice actors that definitely gets into his characters and has fun doing it. But really he’s more of a character than you know since he does a lot of voice acting and is a little more interesting than this would indicate.

Here’s just a few things you might find interesting about him.

He’s an alumnus of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in LA.

The UCB is an improvisational and sketch comedy group that originated in Chicago and has since moved about and created other chapters that have allowed comedians and actors to ply their trade and learn from others in an effort to improve their act and gain new skills that they can use moving forward. In a sense this is like an active workshop for comedians who want to find a way to break out into different venues and learn what it takes to really get their career going. For some it’s just a good time spent with their peers and a chance to learn from some of the best, but for others it’s a way to really dig in there and find out everything they can about the craft and learn whatever is possible so that they can make their mark when the time is right. For Orion it’s definitely been a mark in his career that he’s enjoyed, but so far it has yet to see him really hit the big time. Of course it could be that he’s still making his way up, so there’s nothing to say that we won’t hear his voice in a major production eventually.

He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Being a native of one of the biggest cities on the west coast it’s fair to say that Orion has probably had to entertain himself a few times and find something that he was good at in order to make it in life. Thankfully he developed a talent at using his voice to create characters that have allowed him to become something of a celebrity that might not be well-known in all circles but is certainly capable of making his way forward in a career when it comes right down to it. There’s no telling just how far he’ll go or he’ll have to hang out on the fringes for a while but right now it’s safe to say that busting onto the scene is something he’s figuring out how to do and pushing forward is a skill that he’s learned to his benefit. Whether or not he really gets into the big time within the next year or so is debatable, but the idea of quitting isn’t that much of an option it would seem, as he is definitely doing what he can to get to where he wants to be. In LA it’s tough to really get noticed unless you stand out, and Orion is striving to do that at least.

He’s trained in the martial arts, Parkour, is able to perform stunt work, and has trained with various firearms.

It’s very safe to say that he knows his stuff when it comes to defending himself and possibly when it comes to work. There’s nothing on Orion’s bio page about being a stunt man or being in any other films that might have used him as such, but given this kind of training it seems to be that he could do such a thing if he really wanted. That being said though it could also make him a more popular voice actor since he would know what he’s talking about when it comes to combat. In D&D especially it might make him a much more dangerous and effective character if he decided to target an enemy’s weak spots. Of course if you’ve played the game then you know how it works, usually targeting something increases the difficulty level.

Yep, I am a D&D nerd too and proud of it. You go Orion.

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