Animated Short Proves We Should Be Careful When Consorting With Spirits

Animated Short Proves We Should Be Careful When Consorting With Spirits

Wakan proves that when dealing with spirits one should be extremely careful and not take anything for granted. Many people might look at this short film and call it cute but cautionary in nature, taking the act of dallying with spirits as something entirely different rather than the literal translation that we should always be careful about what we follow and how careless we are with our environment. As a person that believes that there is something beyond this plane of existence that we can’t fully account for I would caution knocking on the wrong door, so to speak, when trying to communicate with something outside of your own understanding. If you knock on the wrong door you never know who, or what, might answer.

In this film it seems that the young woman following the will o the wisp, as I and many others call them, is almost a sign of wonder, of being led to a grandiose place where the true magic of the world still lives and breathes. But it is a place that’s not to be despoiled, a location that is not to be touched by human hands, lest that invoke something truly dreadful, a guardian spirit that takes a horrible price if one should despoil the delicate garden. The girl was spared since the young man following her pushed her out of the way, but his fate was not so kind. After being enveloped by the spirit he was no longer among the land of the living, though he might have looked it. The moment that the young woman attempted to pull him from the hidden grove his mortal coil shattered and all that was left was the spirit within, which returned to the grove.

Every thought, every action taken to interact with something beyond our imagination is met with a demand that we don’t fully realize at first but feel later on when the toll is collected. I know this sounds very vague and even ominous in a way but if you believe in more than what you can see in front of your face you’ll know in your heart that we live in a world where that which we take as real is not all that exists. There is something beyond our world that we don’t and perhaps were not meant to understand as we weren’t born of it. It sits all around us and is never too far from our reach, yet we might as well try to reach for the stars in terms of touching it. There are ways to touch that world, but the price exacted is bound to be something that many people would never wish to pay.

Some might read this and call me another crackpot. Some might read and say that I don’t understand even half of what I’m talking about. That’s okay. I’ve been called worse and I don’t go by knowledge when it comes to intuition and instinct. There’s something beyond the world we see, and most often it’s best not to mess with it.

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