American Chopper is Back on Discovery after a Decade Hiatus

Back in the day, the Discovery Channel series American Chopper was easily one of the most successful reality shows that had ever been made. It all centered around the Teutul family, mostly the father and his sons. The show chronicled the development of a business called Orange County Choppers, where these individuals built custom chopper motorcycles.

It wasn’t long before these motorcycles became highly sought-after. Before you knew it, they were building outrageously expensive motorcycles for people in very distinguished places, and more often than not, they were fighting the entire time they did it. The development of these bikes was always well-documented from start to finish. In fact, the bikes ended up in the hands of some of the most well-known people in society, ranging from movie stars to politicians and virtually everyone in between. With all of that being said, the theme that always seemed to be present within this particular dynamic was the fact that these people did not get along, not in the slightest.

There is a decent chance that a lot of viewers sort of wondered in the back of their mind how long it would be before all of this infighting took its toll on the business. It took a while, but eventually there was a big enough rift between them that it simply wasn’t possible to continue on. When that happened, not only did the show end, but they stopped making bikes together as well. Now, all of that has changed and the Discovery Channel is bringing the show back so fans can see it for themselves.

This show actually premieres tonight, on March 1st. Even though it hasn’t been aired yet, the people involved haven’t exactly been shy when it comes to talking about the things that are happening in their lives right now, which will ultimately end up on the show. The rift in the family was a deep one. In fact, Paul Senior and Paul Junior now operate two distinctly different shops on their own and compete with each other just like they would compete with any other business that does the same thing. In addition, there was a recent interview where Paul Junior alluded to the fact that his dad’s lawsuit would also be a feature subject on the show. If you still follow the family, you probably already know that he’s being sued for taking money from another similar reality TV show that was supposed to air on A&E network and used it for his own benefit. In reality, he seems to be in a lot of legal trouble and probably more than his fair share of financial trouble, but that hasn’t softened him much as far as his personality goes.

One thing is certain, there is no doubt that these guys still build amazing motorcycles. The show that will begin tonight really has a completely different format than it used to because it chronicles the actions of both shops on an independent basis. As opposed to these people being thrown into the same facility together so they can yell at one another, you have the opportunity to see how things are different when each one gets to carry out their own ideas without someone standing in their way.

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