Aaron Paul’s Star is About To Skyrocket Again with El Camino

El Camino

It doesn’t really seem fair to say that Aaron Paul’s reputation has gone down any since the ending of Breaking Bad, but it is kind of indicative of how things have been going since the end of the show when you consider that his star will be on the rise again here very soon. By no means is he unpopular, that would be taking things way too far, but it does seem as though his career has kind of hinged on the idea that the role of Jesse Pinkman is and has been his bread and butter for a while. After all before Breaking Bad he was still a part of the business, but his reputation increased in a very big way once the show took off as it did. With El Camino set to be released this coming October it’s the belief of a lot of people that his star is going to ascend once more, though whether it will stay up this time is kind of hard to say since he’s been existing off of the Pinkman role for a while.

The best part of that however is that thanks to a devoted fan base and a lot of those that happen to think that Jesse was the best part of the show, El Camino is bound to get a good deal attention from those that want to know what happened to Jesse following his escape. During the show he had to share a lot of time with Walt and the rest of the cast when it came to popularity and character development, but this movie seems like it will be putting him front and center as the lone survivor that is currently being sought after by authorities and, likely, those that still have a big interest in the meth trade. To think that he’s in the clear at the moment would be kind of naive since even Jesse would have to know that being free doesn’t mean that he’s out of danger. What he and Walt started was a storm of consequences that was bound to roll over anyone that was in the way whether they were ready or not, and those that were already taken during the show are likely the lucky ones since it’s hard to say, but it does seem likely that the past is going to catch up to Jesse at one point or another in the movie.

Rumors of Bryan Cranston being involved in this movie are exciting enough that a lot of people have been theorizing about what part he’ll play since his character was seen to succumb to his injuries in the final episode of Breaking Bad. It’s likely that Walt will continue to be a part of Jesse’s life as a memory, a flashback, or something similar. After all, Jesse has been a troubled man since Walt met him, and with the trauma he’s gone through since getting involved with Walt it’s bound to come out that he’s not too far from breaking entirely, though at this point it seems as though he might be able to regain some of the manic strength he displayed now and again during the show, bouts of stability that helped him to survive but didn’t do much else. However Walt shows up one can only assume it’s going to be to either torture Jesse on a subconscious level or to offer the kind of advice that Jesse knows, but can still benefit from if it’s seen to come from someone else that might represent his more rational and logical side.

Aaron Paul is about to rise once again with this movie since he’s already someone that is revered for his role and has been gaining a great amount of attention throughout the years for his acting ability. Putting this much faith in him and his abilities is easy to justify since he’s created the kind of character that people can relate with on a certain level and has done so in a manner that’s still unique enough that a lot of people can sit back and watch without feeling as though they’ve been there, done that. While his upcoming role in the next season of Westworld is bound to get him a good deal of attention as well, this movie seems likely to be the one project that people will be watching with the most intensity since Jesse Pinkman has been his most dynamic and popular character over the years and has drawn the most people in when it comes to Breaking Bad. While Walt was the brains and eventually the character that people knew to fear, Jesse became the guy that a lot of people wanted to sympathize with for various reasons. It’ll be interesting to see where the story goes from here.

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