A Different World Cast Reunites In Red Table Talk

A Different World Cast Reunites In Red Table Talk
A Different World Cast Reunites In Red Table Talk

credit: A Different World fandom

When the members of famous groups part ways, the fans that they would be leaving behind would always want a reunion of the said group. For example, if you watch the music video of Story Of My Life, you will notice that the comment section is full of hopefuls for a One Direction reunion. In social media, some are still expecting a 2NE1 comeback. However, not all separated groups remain separated for long. Recently, the cast of A Different World came together to reunite with their former acting colleagues.

A Different World is a TV series produced by NBC that ran from 1987 to 1993. It focused on the life of black students in a university. Its primary attention was on Denise Huxman at Hillman College, a fictional black college in the state of Virginia. The show followed her life and her interactions with other students in the said institution.


A Different World Cast Reunites In Red Table Talk

credit: Red Table Talk


The reunion of the staff of a 90s classic

In a Yahoo Life report, it was stated that the cast used the Smiths’ Red Table Talk to recall their experiences during the production of the sitcom. The mentioned talk show is spearheaded by Jada Pinkett Smith, the woman who played the college freshman Lena James in A Different World.

The talk show episode featured some of the former characters of the show. They discussed the memories they made while creating the show and also the effect their show had on social movements. Someone claimed that their show inspired black people to attend universities, even though they were barred from doing so at that time. They had become successful in tackling sensitive topics, and they gave voices to those who fell victim to such topics we would often refrain from talking about. This had been the defining feature that set them apart from The Cosby Show.

Below, we will have a rundown of the main actors and actresses present in the talk show, and we will remember whom they played in the series.


A Different World Cast Reunites In Red Table Talk

credit: Red Table Talk

The Characters of A Different World: Recap

Jasmine Guy played Whitley Gilbert-Wayne, a French major in the college often characterized by her pricky and annoying attitude. However, when Denise left after season 1, her character was remodeled to fit into the lead role.

Kadeem Hardison portrayed the math major Dwayne Cleofis Wayne, whose prominent feature was his iconic flip-up glasses and frequent failures in trying to hit up with women.

Unfortunately, Lisa Bonet acted as one of the main characters, Denise, who left after the first season.

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