A 20-Hour Cut of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Bruce Lee

Woe to anyone that says that they DON’T want a 20-hour Quentin Tarantino movie, since the heap of vitriol and verbal abuse that might come pouring down on that unfortunate person probably wouldn’t let up for a while since there are quite a few fans of the director that are likely salivating at the mere thought that there’s a 20-hour cut of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. There are plenty of people that might think this would be interesting, but those are also the people that happen to think that Tarantino is a genius when it comes to creating movies. To be fair, he does a great job at telling a compelling story that deserves a good amount of credit, but at the same time, 20 hours of any movie eventually becomes something that would be better off becoming a series instead of a continuing narrative that should likely end in a fraction of the time. Plus, if anyone’s keeping track, Tarantino did say about a year ago that he would be releasing a 4-hour version of this movie, and it has yet to materialize, so while he might be a good storyteller he’s not always good at keeping his word. If something happened that prevented such a thing from coming true that’s all well and good, but until we get that line of reasoning there are some people that are going to let it slide and some that are likely going to wonder just when we’ll get to see what was mentioned.

In the meantime, a 20-hour movie is something that various people might see as a positive thing since it might include a great number of deleted scenes and material that might have made the movie even better if it had been kept, but there’s no way in the world that such a movie is going to be released as anything but a miniseries, since expecting fans to sit through that long of a movie is asking way too much, especially when the main point of the story can be delivered in 3 to 4 hours tops. For one reason or another, a lot of people tend to have the kind of faith in Tarantino that allows them to believe that the man can do no wrong and that he’s entirely justified in everything he says or does. Acknowledging that he’s a skilled director and storyteller is easy and it’s expected more often than not, even if a person doesn’t happen to like his movies. The facts are that he’s been one of the most popular directors of the past few decades, and considering all the blockbusters that have come out in that time this is saying something.

But hyping him up in the manner that so many have over the years is tiring for a few reasons, and one of those is that his visions are interesting and amusing, and they entertain quite a few people, but they’re movies, plain and simple. They’re interesting movies of course, and each one is fun to watch a couple of times since between noticing the Easter eggs he puts in each movie, that relates to his own movies no less, he’s also good at forming and telling a tale that can capture the imagination and keep a person watching long after they’ve wondered if they should continue or shut the movie off. His dialogue is pretty well done most of the time and the action in his movies is impressive since there are plenty of scenes that have captivated the audience and made them think of the authenticity of them. In fact, the scene between Bruce Lee and Cliff was one that drew more than a bit of controversy since a lot of people didn’t feel that Cliff would have been able to take on Bruce Lee, while many had an issue with how Lee was portrayed.

The push these days for director’s cuts is something that’s becoming just as troubling as the call for old ideas to be rebooted and revived or remade since it’s believed that the director’s cut of any movie is bound to be better for the simple fact that it has more material, might have a different ending and is more comprehensive than the version that actually makes it to the theater. In truth, some director’s cuts are superior to the theatrical version since there is more to see. But in some cases, such as in the Suicide Squad, the Snyder Cut, and a few others, the director’s cut isn’t bound to be as special as people want to make it out to be since it’s a lot of the same stuff with more added in that was cut simply because it didn’t have much to do with the story or was considered to be extraneous and not needed.

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