6 Surprising People With a Grammy Award

barack obama

Although the Grammy Awards may have aired last night, that doesn’t mean we just have to stop talking about them, right? Well, at least we don’t think we have to. So after seeing all the winners from last night–some surprising, some expected–as well as that ridiculous hat that rapper Pharrell wore, we’re giving you a few people who you might be shocked to know also had the chance to raise a Grammy at least once before, joining the folks who did it tonight.

6. Joaquin Phoenix

Phoenix might best be known for his great roles as an Academy Award-winning actor, but don’t let that take away from the overall diversity this guy has, as he also has a Grammy on his mantle. While he may have tricked us all into thinking he was actually becoming a rapper–an illegitimate claim, of course–it was for his musical prowess from his movie “Walk the Line’s” soundtrack, earning him the 2006 award for Best Compilation Soundtrack.

5. Martin Scorsese

“Marty” is one of the most influential director, screenwriter and producer on the planet, who has tons of awards from numerous awards show, so this one shouldn’t surprise as much as one might think. Still, we found it to be a bit shocking, though, as Scorsese won a 2005 Grammy for directing, “American Masters: No Direction Home: Bob Dylan,” which snagged him the award for the Best Long Form Music Video category.

4. Betty White

We’re not sure if this is the reason why everyone has fallen back in love with Betty White over the passed for years, but it probably doesn’t hurt. The former Golden Girl clinched her gramophone in 2012 for reading her book, “If You Ask Me (and of Course You Won’t).” With one of the best voices in entertainment, we should have all seen this one coming.

3. President Barack Obama

He may be the most powerful person on the planet, but don’t think that all that goes to Obama’s head, because the dude is used to winning. On top of earning re-election in 2012 for another term, Barack earned a Grammy back in 2008 before his first term as the Commander in Chief, earning one for his audiobook, “Dreams of My Father.”

2. Hilary Rodham Clinton

We all might know Hilary from her past–come on, she was the former First Lady–as well as a huge political junky who is still talked about as a potential presidential candidate in 2016, but she’s also a Grammy winner. Winning in 1997 for her audiobook, “It Takes a Village,” for the Best Spoken Word Album, Clinton earned herself a prestigious award.

1. Magic Johnson

He may have had a Hall of Fame basketball career, but Magic has actually had the privilege to add a Grammy to his trophy case. Most of us know that Magic was diagnosed and is still being treated today for HIV, and from that work of his, Johnson became an activist with Robert O’Keefe, with both awarded a Grammy in 1993 for the audiobook of “What You Can Do to Avoid AIDS.”


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