5 Things That You Didn’t Know About Tracee Chimo

5 Things That You Didn’t Know About Tracee Chimo

There is no doubt that screen actors garner far more media exposures than stage actors, but does this mean that the brilliance of stage acting is not appreciated among the public? Absolutely not. Stage acting takes place in a filtered environment that limits exposures, but protect the sanctity and purity of thespianism in a manner that most people simply don’t consider. This is not to rob film and television of its unique and powerful influence, but to be fair to actresses and actors who choose to grace live audiences with their talent over playing to a camera. There is something about the finality of live performances that is unrivaled.

One stage actor that is absolutely remarkable is the current star of “Lips Together, Teeth Apart,” an off-Broadway revival of the Terrence McNally classic. To allow you into her world we have provided five facts that you probably did not know.

1. She Has Always Wanted to Do Lips Together, Teeth Apart

Tracee quickly admits that Lips Together, Teeth Apart is her favorite Terrence McNally production and she did this production when she was in school. She reveals that secretly she has always wanted to take on this production as a professional and having the opportunity to star in this off-Broadway revival of the production is like a dream come true. Come on, who gets to do a high school version of a play, and then to do it as a professional years later?

2. Chloe Has Been Her Most Challenging Role

It is interesting that playing a role that you have lived your entire life to play would be the most challenging role you have taken on. But, Tracee says that Chloe is so much different that she is. This can probably be explained by understanding that a high school student has not truly defined who they are, so their personalities are more pliable, but the adult version of Tracee is forged, making it more challenging to effectively assume the role of Chloe, which she still does a masterful job of.

3. She Researches her Characters

Whether she is playing a fictional character or someone who actually existed, the way that Tracee prepares for each role that she takes on is by getting to know and understand the character and history of the role she is taking. She determines how that person would think, walk, talk and present their mannerisms. She is the consummate professional and it shows in the remarkable body of work that she has built over the years.

4. She Got Her Equity Card by Simply Asking For It

For a stage actor, an Equity card is a validation of your dues being paid, and you being prepared to step on a stage and live out a role. Tracee admits that she got her Equity card from Pioneer Valley Summer Theater, which is no longer in existence. She had worked two summers as an intern and simply walked in told the head of the company, Susan Daniels that she wanted her equity card, and Susan gave it to her. She must have been a hell of an intern over those two summers.

5. Her Worst Survival Job Was as a Traveling Pet Sitter

Making it as a stage actor is not easy. Until an actor or actress builds their name, it can be a hand to mouth type living situations. To make ends meet, performers often take what is known as survival jobs – jobs that provide income between productions. Tracee reveals that her worst survival jobs were working as a traveling pet sitter. She worked for a women that would send her to her clients home to walk their dogs and even medicate their cats.

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