5 Movies That Have the Strongest Plot Armor

5 Movies That Have the Strongest Plot Armor

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Plot armor is a great thing if an audience doesn’t want to think too much and just wants to enjoy their favorite characters being badasses in movies that are designed to produce the wow factor without earning it through adversity. That sounds a little harsh, especially since a lot of us, myself included, happen to enjoy movies that rely heavily on plot armor. But the point here is that some movies simply can’t do without it and rely on anything and everything they can get in order to be interesting enough to appeal to audiences. The upside of this is that the movies that do use this element in abundance tend to be over the top and manage to gain a great deal of attention, good or bad. But the downside is that when used too often, such movies end up becoming a tad boring and even predictable after a while since, whether people want to admit it or not, the death of one character or another, or the struggle brought on by one traumatic event or another, can generate real growth that might take time to develop. A lot of people don’t want to take that time since they’re used to getting what they want right now from a movie, hence the need for plot armor. 

Here are five movies that have the strongest plot armor. 

5. The Boondock Saints

Boondock Saints 3: Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery, Troy Duffy Returning

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Just to be clear, I’m not all about bashing favorite movies since I happen to like many of those I talk about. But getting started with The Boondock Saints, the problem is that the brothers are taking on the Russian Mafia and wouldn’t have been likely to survive their second encounter long enough to get their revenge. Not only that, but Connor’s leap from above would have left him twitching on the sidewalk with massive injuries at the very least since gravity is a serious pain in the rear when it comes to taking damage. If that weren’t enough, the odds were so stacked against them throughout the entire movie that it’s fair to say they wouldn’t have been around for a second movie. 

4. Battleship

5 Movies That Have the Strongest Plot Armor

Credit: Battleship

It feels like stupid human pride to say that if aliens did come a-calling that humanity would be able to fend them off when the truth is that beings who are capable of navigating space should likely be capable of exterminating the human race if they saw fit. But, strangely enough, that’s not the biggest issue in this movie, since the revival of a battleship that had become a floating museum over the years is impossible in the amount of time the movie shows, and not only that, but it’s been established that the ship wouldn’t be carrying live rounds at that time, and even if it had, getting everything operational would have taken a miracle. 

3. Lucy

Sinopsis Film Lucy, Gadis Taipei yang Ditipu Kekasihnya Jadi Kurir Narkoba  Halaman all - Kompas.com

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Hey, science is an amazing thing to be certain, but thinking that something can be created that would give a human being access to the entirety of their brain is farfetched, without a doubt. But even more so than that is the fact that a crime boss would keep from pulling the trigger on someone he wanted dead when she was sitting right in front of him. The trick appears to be that when Lucy is ‘downloading’ herself into the universal computer, she’s creating, the boss is approaching her in the hopes of carrying out an execution, which is why he doesn’t fire when she’s in sight. But plot armor works in a lot of different ways. 

2. King Kong

⟁ Obi-Wan Cannoli ⟁ on Twitter: "When I say I have never been so  ?????????… The Insect Pit • King Kong, 2005  https://t.co/ptiFBxsC0Q" / Twitter

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The dinosaur stampede is mentioned in other articles when it comes to the type of plot armor that is used in this movie, but in the bug pit, when the men are being picked off left and right, one can’t help but notice that the three who are slated to survive are being attacked, but not in the same manner. While some of the nameless crewmen are snatched and grabbed quickly and without hesitation, those who are meant to survive are allowed to keep fighting back, and one of them even feels the benefit of having several locust-like bugs shot off of him in a miraculous fashion, without even grazing him apparently. I guess fear can sharpen one’s aim to the level of a seasoned sniper, right? 

1. F9

F9: The Fast Saga Reviews - Metacritic

credit: F9

There are so many points where plot armor is allowed to overlap in this franchise that it’s kind of tough to note them all in a single paragraph. But this movie alone shows that Roman is as close to being invulnerable as possible. Dom is a superhuman stunt driver that knows how to utilize every inch of his car to the greatest effect, and whoever is around him is likely to benefit from his indestructible nature. Plus, learning about a long-lost brother this far into the franchise is about as soap opera as it gets, not to mention the fact that Dom and Jakob are both unstoppable juggernauts that can take a ton of damage without even flinching. 

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