The 5 Best Moments of Braxton Family Values Season 5

This season of Braxton Family Values is filled with the drama that surrounds the breakup of the family. The reality television show chronicles the real events that happen to the family with raw feelings, disputes and a whole lot of working things out in a difficult decision.

1. Evelyn discloses that the girls’ father had a harem of women

This episode is packed with serious life changing events. It starts out with a light moment as Toni reveals her new painting. More heavy tiems to come though. Trina struggles with her ex boyfriends unfaithfulness and how he tried to get her arrested. Towanda and Andre are embroiled in a custody battle and seek joint counseling. Tamar has the whole gang go to the studio to get a preview of “My Man,” her newest song. The bomb drops as Evelyn tells the girls that their father has been unfaithful for some time and had multiple girlfriends on the side.

2. Tamar Braxton tells her father to leave his wife Wanda at home!

This episode comes right after the horrible meeting that the sisters have with their father and his new wife Wanda. Tamar threw a birthday party for VInce, her husband. Tamar decided it was time to forgive her father and she relents and invites him to the party. He asks if he can bring his wife and an argument breaks out. The other two girls are not pleased with her decision. In this episode Towanda thought she should have been able to bring her family if Tamar was. It was a bit one sided and Tamar seemed to be getting the most out of the deal. It is in this episode that Ms. Evelyn leaves the vacation property abruptly and Towanda and Trina find out why.

3. Tamar Goes Off on Her Father and His New Wife

Toni invited her father and his new wife to the dinner and it creates an awkward moment for everyone there.
She aired her feelings about how her father broke up their family unit. She didn’t attack Wanda, but did confront them about the affair that ended the marriage. Mr. Braxton told the kids that his romantic life was none of their business. Tamar defended her mother’s feelings. Trina stepped in the try to de-escalate the situation. The father didn’t go to the wedding because his then girlfriend wasn’t allowed to attend. The group finds out that Wanda had encouraged him to attend the wedding while all this time the girls thought that she was the one who didn’t want him to attend. Tamar melts down because her father chose his new wife over his children. Wanda was upset but shows a lot of class. Tony did apologize to Wanda.

4. Braxton father reveals side girlfriend/new wife

This moment of the episode highlights more about the trouble that the girls are having over the trip to Mexico and why it was only supposed to be the girls and their parents. This sheds a little more light on the issue that Towanda has with Tamar bringing Vince and her son.

5. Family Night Gone Wrong

The Braxton girls and Evelyn are set to have an enjoyable evening with family. During this episode, Tamar has a little meltdown because she feels like she is being left out. Toni gets disgusted and leaves the room. When Trina breaks right in view of the cameras Evelyn has really had enough. This reality episode shows the dynamics of the family in action and is a must see for everyone who wants to have a heavy dose of life in the Braxton family and find out how the women interact when things aren’t going just right. Who would expect to have drama on a family night?

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