2 Live Crew Movie in the Works by Lionsgate

There’s no doubt that Straight Outta Compton came out of nowhere to be as successful as it was.   The story of famed rap group NWA was a great one and when put on film it had audiences going nuts.  No only audiences but critics also praised the movie netting it multiple academy award nominations.   My personal opinion on the movie was that it was a solid, fun to watch retelling of the story but as far as my own personal Oscar quality choices?  Nah.  It’s one of those movies you always watch when on TV but certainly don’t think to yourself, that’s one of the better movies I’ve seen.”

Now, can a movie about 2 Live Crew duplicate that kind of success?  My gut tells me “not a chance” but there’s a soft spot in my heart for 2 Live Crew simply because they almost played my fraternity party nearly 20 years ago.  They were charging $20,000 and it was out of our budget but man that would have been awesome.    Anyway, here are the details on the movie:

Lionsgate is moving quickly on The Book Of Luke, a drama about the provocative hip hop group 2 Live Crew and its leader Luther Campbell, whose parody version of the Roy Orbison hit song Oh Pretty Woman went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court before a landmark ruling favored Campbell and paved the way for fair use sampling for music judged to be parody.

Craig A. Williams is writing the script, which will be developed for up-and-coming actor RJ Cyler to play Campbell in the film. Cyler played Earl in Me And Earl And The Dying Girl, and followed by playing the Blue Ranger in Lionsgate’s Power Rangers film, and more recently he plays a pivotal role in the Brad Pitt-starrer War Machine just released by Netflix. He’s currently filming White Boy Rick.

If anything watching someone play Luther Campbell will be entirely entertaining.  We’ll keep you posted as it gets closer to production.


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