10 Things You Don’t Know About Taylor Armstrong

10 Things You Don’t Know About Taylor Armstrong
10 Things You Don’t Know About Taylor Armstrong

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Who is Taylor Armstrong? The name may sound vaguely familiar to you, but why? If you are a fan of the Real Housewives franchise, you remember her from her days on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is an OG who prominently featured her life on the show’s first three seasons when it began airing. If you really go back and try to remember, you’ll remember her life was not one many envied. The other wife accused her husband of abusing her both physically and verbally prior to his suicide. Her life was not easy, so she chose to walk away. Now she’s back in the press because she’s coming back to the show and making history in the process. She’s not headed back to Beverly Hills. She is the newest cast member in Orange County. She’s the first and only housewife in housewives history to switch zip codes, and fans want to know who Taylor Armstrong is.

1. She’s the Most Famous Meme

Who does not recognize the meme in which a blonde woman is pointing and clearly screaming at someone across a table, and across the table is a cat? The wording on the meme changes with every re-post, but the woman and the cat are the same. She’s the woman in that meme. The photo is a screenshot of her having dinner with the Beverly Hills housewives when she was part of the original cast. One of the wives accused her of being a battered wife, and she lost her mind. The meme has been huge since the show’s second season, and she doesn’t have a problem with it.

2. She’s a Mother

Perhaps the most important aspect of her life is her daughter. Her daughter is Kennedy Caroline Armstrong. She was born in 2006 and was only a little girl when her mother was part of the RHOBH cast. In fact, Kennedy was only four at the time her mother began her reality show career.

3. How Old is Taylor Armstrong?

Taylor is in her 50s. She was born in a small town in Kansas called Independence on June 10, 1971. She grew up in the Midwest but did not grow up in her small Kansas town. Her family eventually moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she spent the remainder of her childhood and teen years. She went to high school, was part of the cheer squad, and graduated high school in 1989.

4. Did She Change Her Name?

She did change her name. Taylor Armstrong goes by a few names. She was Taylor Ford when she met her first husband. However, she was born Shana Lynette Hughes. The name was not one she wanted to bring with her when she moved to Los Angeles and began her career as an e-commerce site owner, so she changed her birth name to Taylor Ford.

5. How Did She Meet Her Ex-Husband?

She met and married Russell Armstrong in 2005. She was living in Beverly Hills. He was also living there. He was a venture capitalist who was waiting for a table at dinner at the same time as his future wife. They met, they fell in love, they got married in under a year, and they had their baby.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Taylor Armstrong

credit @officialtaylorarmstrong

6. What Happened to Her Marriage?

Her marriage, while we don’t know much about it and don’t want to speculate, did not look pleasant. She and her husband were five years into their marriage when they began filming their reality show. However, it was clear that she was unhappy, and he came across as unlikeable. It didn’t take long for the other RHOBH to accuse Russell Armstrong of abuse. She vehemently denied all rumors of abuse for many months. However, she later filed for divorce citing abuse.

7. Domestic Abuse and her Marriage

Sadly, despite all the denials, she eventually came out and admitted that her husband abused her. He abused her verbally and physically. Armstrong admitted to undergoing the knife to repair an orbital fracture. The reconstructive surgery was necessary after her husband hit her hard enough to cause the fracture. She left her husband in 2011, and she filed for divorce.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Taylor Armstrong

credit @officialtaylorarmstrong

8. Her Husband Killed Himself

August 15, 2011, was a rough day for Armstrong, and it was a shocking day for the world. It was the day news broke that her husband, Russell Armstrong, killed himself. His estranged wife is the one who found his body in his new home. He allegedly hanged himself. It was widely known by that point that he was abusing his wife, that he was in serious financial trouble, and there were many negative rumors and stories floating around about him at that point.

9. Her Personal Life These Days

It seems Armstrong is in a better place these days. She is remarried, and she seems much happier. Her second husband is John Bluher. They married in the spring of 2014 in California. He works as an attorney, and their marriage seems to be one that they are both happy with.

10. She’s Back

Her time on RHOBH was difficult. Fans didn’t know what to think. She seemed likable enough, but she seemed troubled. Knowing now what we didn’t know then, it makes sense. However, fans pitied her tremendously for a long time, and we wonder how she will come back and if her return will change opinions. She’s back, though, and she’s making it a big comeback.

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