10 Things You Don’t Know About Elle Fanning

10 Things You Don’t Know About Elle Fanning
10 Things You Don’t Know About Elle Fanning

Credit: @ellefanning

The name Elle Fanning is well-known, but the life and times of Elle Fanning are less public. For one, she’s always managed to keep her life relatively private. Two, she’s the younger sister of the very famous Dakota Fanning, and her sister has been famous longer. She’s known worldwide as Dakota’s younger sister, but Elle Fanning is no slouch. She’s a talented actress making quite the name for herself in Hollywood.

1. She’s Still Quite Young

Elle Fanning and her sister are several years apart. Though Dakota Fanning turned 28 on February 23, 2022, Elle Fanning turned 24 in April 2022. She is four years younger than her sister, and she’s still very young as a whole. She’s been in the film industry for many years, making her fans feel she’s older than she is.

2. Elle Fanning is a Southerner

One thing her fans don’t always realize is that she’s from the south. She was born and raised in a small town in Georgia called Conyers. Both of her parents are former athletes. Her mother is a former tennis player (college), and her father played minor-league baseball as an adult.

3. She’s Acted Since She Was a Toddler

Elle Fanning was not yet three when she began her illustrious acting career. She had a good way in, too. She was often the younger version of her older sister’s characters in flashback scenes. It worked well for her because they do look so much alike, but it also allowed her to learn how to focus on her career and the business.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Elle Fanning

Credit: @ellefanning

4. She Loves the 50s and 60s

When it comes to her beauty and makeup looks, Elle Fanning goes back in time. Her style is very transcendent of the 1950s and 60s glamour. She loves to channel her inner Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. She likes fresh makeup on a daily basis, but it’s this time she goes back to when she’s trying to go for a more glam look.

5. She is In a Serious Relationship

She met a man by the name of Max Minghella in 2018. They worked together on a film called Teen Spirit. Rumors began to swirl during filming that these two might be a little closer than traditional costars, but both are quite private. They did not confirm their relationship during that time. In fact, they still refer to one another as good friends despite being seen together in matching couple’s costumes on Halloween. They’ve been on the red carpet together but keep it very low-key.

6. Her Boyfriend is Older

One of the reasons we imagine they kept their relationship private for so long is their age difference. They allegedly began dating when Elle Fanning was 20 and Minghella was 32. She’s now 24, and he is 36, which seems more manageable and appropriate than a young woman of 20 and a man in his 30s.

7. She’s not a Trendsetter

Elle Fanning does not consider herself a trendsetter. She considers herself more of an eclectic type. She likes to wear crazy outfits that make her feel good and allow her to express herself. The young actress often credits her mother for allowing her the freedom to wear what she liked as a child, which has worked well for her.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Elle Fanning

Credit: @ellefanning

8. She Loves Watching Her Sister Apply Makeup

Regarding makeup and beauty, Elle Fanning is a huge fan of watching her sister do her own makeup. She feels Dakota excels at doing makeup and tries to learn from her as often as possible. When they have quality time together, Elle Fanning watches Dakota Fanning’s makeup process. She hopes to learn something from her older sister each time. She’s such a role model to Elle, and that does not go unnoticed by either sister.

9. She’s Not Nearly as Freckled As She Appears

Here’s a very fun fact about Elle Fanning. She does have freckles, but she does not have nearly as many freckles as she appears to have. She uses a freckle pen to give herself more than she has. She’s obsessed with freckles, and she loves to use this pen.

10. Elle Fanning Has a Favorite Scent

And it’s just like the rest of us. The holidays are the time of year when the smell is so important. This is the season when everything smells so good, and she loves the smell of her grandmother’s Christmas morning breakfast. To be fair, her favorite scent is anything her grandmother is cooking. The smell of her grandmother in the kitchen is very near to her heart. She’s so fortunate to have her grandmother still.

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