10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mia Goth

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mia Goth

credit: Pearl

Mia Goth is the reigning queen of horror if you ask fans of Pearl. She dominated, and she made the year 2022 her own. She might not be in her 30s yet, and she might not have the kind of name her husband does – yet – but she’s well on her way to making her name the kind no one forgets. Mia Goth is an insanely talented actress, but the world knows so little about her life. Let’s change that.

1. How Old is Mia Goth?

Mia Goth is only 29. She was born on October 25, 1993, in London, England. Her childhood was not typical, but we will get to that later. She was born in London, but neither of her parents is British. Her father is Canadian, and her mother is from Brazil.

2. Mia Goth Was Not Raised in London

In fact, she has no recollection of her childhood there. She only spent a few weeks living in London when she was born. Her mother immediately moved her weeks-old daughter to Brazil so she could be closer to her family. We don’t know what the problem was with her husband at the time, but she needed her own family to help her raise her baby girl. Her own mother was only 20 when she gave birth to her daughter, and she needed her family.

3. Her Grandmother is an Actress

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that this young woman went into the entertainment industry when you find out who her grandmother is. Her maternal grandmother is Maria Gladys. If you are a fan of Brazilian work, you know her grandmother well. She’s quite famous where she is from, and she is one of the family members who helped her mother raise her when she was so young.

4. She Returned to London At the Age of Five

She spent her entire early childhood in Brazil but moved back to London for a time. Goth and her family went back to London when she was five, and then they moved to Canada. Goth’s father is from Canada, and they went to be with him and his family when she was around 10. They didn’t stay long. She and her mother were living in London again by the time Goth was 12, and that’s when her mother gave single parenting a go. She worked as a waitress to support them.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mia Goth

credit: Pearl

5. Mia Goth’s Time in Canada Was Not Good

During the almost two years she lived in Canada with both of her parents, she had a rough time – if we might assume. She attended a grand total of nine schools in her one school year in Canada. That’s 180 days of school split into nine different schools. If you do the math, that’s roughly 20 school days in one school at a time. One school per month.

6. Living in London Was Better

Living alone with her mother in London was a better situation for Goth. Life had its own set of challenges, being raised by a single mother working as a waitress, but it wasn’t as difficult as being with her father. On the flip side of things, Goth was only 14 when a photographer discovered her and immediately signed her on with a modeling company. That led to her landing work posing in magazine spreads for Vogue and even in ads for luxury designer brands such as Miu Miu.

7. The Year 2014 Was a Game Changer for Mia Goth

She turned 21 at the end of the year, but that is not why this year was such a game-changer for the young actress. She was given the opportunity to star in a music video for Future Unlimited’s Haunted Love. American actor Shia LaBeouf directed the video. She’d already worked with LaBeouf in the 2012 film Nymphomaniac when she was around 18. The two were unofficially married in 2016 in Las Vegas.

8. Mia Goth’s Marriage Almost Ended

When the couple first began dating in 2012, they were happy. They were engaged in 2015, married in 2016, and separated in 2018. They were both young, and their relationship was a bit blurred. Faux Elvis performed their original marriage in Las Vegas, but it was later made official. Why they ended their relationship in 2018 is unknown to us, but they never went through with the divorce. By spring 2020, they were out and about together in Los Angeles, wearing their wedding rings.

9. Mia Goth Surprised Everyone By Having a Baby

She’d been spotted with a clear baby bump many times during the early months of 2022, but neither Goth nor LaBeouf said a word. By April 2022, they were out with no bump and a baby stroller; still, no one said anything. Nearly five months later, LaBeouf shared emails with Olivia Wilde following his “Don’t Worry Darling” departure that said he was home enjoying his five-month-old daughter Isabel and her new laugh, his wife, and the reconnection they found in themselves.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mia Goth

credit: Pearl

10. Did Their Near Divorce Occur Because of His Alleged Abuse?

There was a time when Shia LaBeouf was accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend, FKA Twigs, and even his attorney came out and said that Shia was going through treatment and knew he needed help. The actor later said during a podcast that his wife saved him.

“She saved my f-king life. She was present for me at a time when I didn’t deserve to have nobody in my life, especially her. She gave me hope when I was running on fumes. There’s a lot I need to work on. Having a daughter and knowing that your daughter is one day gonna search your name in a search engine and see that you are a deplorable, disgusting piece of s—t, that s—t hits. I have now until she’s literate to create a relationship with her where she knows me more than this idea of who I am in public,” said the actor about the changes he is making in his life.

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